BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
maintox-rss: Encode characters to their XML entitiesArun Isaac5 days
masterBy default, use relative name for compilationNicolas Goaziou38 hours
wip-citeorg-element: Split citations and citation-references objectsNicolas Goaziou15 months
wip-cite-aweupdates to wip citation support.Aaron Ecay15 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  release_8.3.4.tar.gz  Bastien3 months  release_8.3.3.tar.gz  Bastien5 months  release_8.3.2.tar.gz  Bastien8 months  release_8.3.1.tar.gz  Bastien10 months  release_8.3.tar.gz  Bastien10 months  release_8.2.10.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry20 months  release_8.2.9.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry20 months  release_8.2.8.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry20 months  release_8.2.7c.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry22 months
release_8.3betatag 1ab334f6b6...Achim Gratz23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
38 hoursBy default, use relative name for compilationHEADmasterNicolas Goaziou1-8/+8
38 hoursFix last commitNicolas Goaziou1-1/+2
3 daysorg: Fix interactive headline editMarco Wahl1-1/+1
5 daysorg-compat: Fix last commitNicolas Goaziou1-5/+0
5 daysorg-compat: Silence byte-compilerNicolas Goaziou1-15/+20
5 daysSilence byte-compiler in Emacs 25.1Nicolas Goaziou1-7/+9
5 daysorg-macro: Use cl-libNicolas Goaziou1-0/+1
5 daysorg-table: Add missing "cl-" prefixesNicolas Goaziou1-2/+2
5 daysob-core: Do not require `cl' since `cl-lib' is usedNicolas Goaziou1-6/+4
5 daysox-icalendar: Do not require `cl' since `cl-lib' is usedNicolas Goaziou1-8/+7