BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
maintorg.el: Fix bindings of < and > for calendar scrollingMarco Wahl5 days
masterox-latex: Change default value for `org-latex-caption-above'Nicolas Goaziou23 hours
top-propertiesUpdate custom properties handlingNicolas Goaziou10 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  release_8.2.10.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry13 days  release_8.2.9.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry14 days  release_8.2.8.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry3 weeks  release_8.2.7c.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry3 months
release_8.3betatag 1ab334f6b6...Achim Gratz4 months  beta_8.3.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry4 months  release_8.2.7b.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry4 months  release_8.2.7a.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry4 months  release_8.2.7.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry4 months  release_8.2.6.tar.gz  Bastien Guerry6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
23 hoursox-latex: Change default value for `org-latex-caption-above'HEADmasterNicolas Goaziou1-3/+1
25 hoursox: Remove unnecessary code commentsNicolas Goaziou1-277/+9
35 hoursBump Emacs versionNicolas Goaziou9-16/+16
3 daysMerge branch 'maint'Achim Gratz1-2/+2
3 daysORG-NEWS: Document new optionsrasmus1-0/+7
5 daysorg.el: Fix bindings of < and > for calendar scrollingmaintMarco Wahl1-2/+2
5 daysorg.el: Use normalized names in org-agenda-file-pYann Hodique1-2/+4
5 dayscontrib/lisp/org-velocity: Fix failure for big windowMarco Wahl1-1/+1
5 daysorg-clock.el (org-clock-select-task): Kill temporary bufferBastien Guerry1-0/+1
5 daysorg.texi: Remove extraneous backslash in key sequenceRafael Laboissiere1-1/+1