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* doc/org.texi (Macro replacement): Ignore quote blocks since they ultimately contain paragraphs or equivalent. Fix typo.
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@@ -10043,10 +10043,10 @@ Conversely, backslash characters before a comma, and only them, need to be
escaped with another backslash character.}.
These references, called macros, can be inserted anywhere Org markup is
-recognized: paragraphs, headlines, verse and quote blocks, tables cells, and
-lists. They cannot be used within ordinary keywords (starting with
-@code{#+}) but are allowed in @code{#+CAPTION}, @code{#+TITLE},
-@code{#+AUTHOR} and @code{#+EMAIL}.
+recognized: paragraphs, headlines, verse blocks, tables cells and lists.
+They cannot be used within ordinary keywords (starting with @code{#+}) but
+are allowed in @code{#+CAPTION}, @code{#+TITLE}, @code{#+AUTHOR} and
In addition to user-defined macros, a set of already defined macros can be
used: @code{@{@{@{title@}@}@}}, @code{@{@{@{author@}@}@}}, etc., will