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authorNicolas Goaziou <>2016-02-05 21:47:14 (GMT)
committer Nicolas Goaziou <>2016-02-05 21:54:39 (GMT)
commitcadfbbe8af9b978a02f48ee70bf6c855fdd3e19d (patch)
parent53b34e6d8c97b2efcc78127112dba9e74871592a (diff)
Remove `org-latex-fragment-image-overlays'maint
* lisp/org.el (org-latex-fragment-image-overlays): Remove variable. (org--format-latex-make-overlay): Do not register anymore created overlays in the removed variable. (org--list-latex-overlays): New function. (org-remove-latex-fragment-image-overlays): Use new function. (org-context): Work around use of `org-latex-fragment-image-overlays'. Reported-by: Dima Kogan <> <>
1 files changed, 34 insertions, 45 deletions
diff --git a/lisp/org.el b/lisp/org.el
index 5f92a15..690d923 100644
--- a/lisp/org.el
+++ b/lisp/org.el
@@ -18977,29 +18977,38 @@ looks only before point, not after."
-(defvar org-latex-fragment-image-overlays nil
- "List of overlays carrying the images of latex fragments.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'org-latex-fragment-image-overlays)
+(defun org--format-latex-make-overlay (beg end image)
+ "Build an overlay between BEG and END using IMAGE file."
+ (let ((ov (make-overlay beg end)))
+ (overlay-put ov 'org-overlay-type 'org-latex-overlay)
+ (overlay-put ov 'evaporate t)
+ (overlay-put ov
+ 'modification-hooks
+ (list (lambda (o _flag _beg _end &optional _l)
+ (delete-overlay o))))
+ (if (featurep 'xemacs)
+ (progn
+ (overlay-put ov 'invisible t)
+ (overlay-put ov 'end-glyph (make-glyph (vector 'png :file image))))
+ (overlay-put ov
+ 'display
+ (list 'image :type 'png :file image :ascent 'center)))))
+(defun org--list-latex-overlays (&optional beg end)
+ "List all Org LaTeX overlays in current buffer.
+Limit to overlays between BEG and END when those are provided."
+ (org-remove-if-not
+ (lambda (o) (eq (overlay-get o 'org-overlay-type) 'org-latex-overlay))
+ (overlays-in (or beg (point-min)) (or end (point-max)))))
(defun org-remove-latex-fragment-image-overlays (&optional beg end)
"Remove all overlays with LaTeX fragment images in current buffer.
When optional arguments BEG and END are non-nil, remove all
-overlays between them instead. Return t when some overlays were
-removed, nil otherwise."
- (let (removedp)
- (setq org-latex-fragment-image-overlays
- (let ((beg (or beg (point-min)))
- (end (or end (point-max))))
- (org-remove-if
- (lambda (o)
- (cond ((not (overlay-buffer o)) (delete-overlay o) t)
- ((and (>= (overlay-start o) beg)
- (<= (overlay-end o) end))
- (delete-overlay o)
- (unless removedp (setq removedp t)))
- (t nil)))
- org-latex-fragment-image-overlays)))
- removedp))
+overlays between them instead. Return a non-nil value when some
+overlays were removed, nil otherwise."
+ (let ((overlays (org--list-latex-overlays beg end)))
+ (mapc #'delete-overlay overlays)
+ overlays))
'org-preview-latex-fragment 'org-toggle-latex-fragment "24.4")
@@ -19079,27 +19088,6 @@ for all fragments in the buffer."
(set-window-start nil window-start)
(message (concat msg "done")))))))
-(defun org--format-latex-make-overlay (beg end image)
- "Build an overlay between BEG and END using IMAGE file.
-Register new overlay in `org-latex-fragment-image-overlays'."
- (let ((ov (make-overlay beg end)))
- (overlay-put ov 'org-overlay-type 'org-latex-overlay)
- (overlay-put ov 'evaporate t)
- (overlay-put ov
- 'modification-hooks
- (list (lambda (o after _beg _end &optional _l)
- (unless after
- (org-remove-latex-fragment-image-overlays
- (overlay-start o) (overlay-end o))))))
- (if (featurep 'xemacs)
- (progn
- (overlay-put ov 'invisible t)
- (overlay-put ov 'end-glyph (make-glyph (vector 'png :file image))))
- (overlay-put ov
- 'display
- (list 'image :type 'png :file image :ascent 'center)))
- (push ov org-latex-fragment-image-overlays)))
(defun org-format-latex
(prefix &optional dir overlays msg forbuffer processing-type)
"Replace LaTeX fragments with links to an image, and produce images.
@@ -22510,11 +22498,12 @@ and :keyword."
(if (looking-at org-radio-target-regexp)
(push (org-point-in-group p 0 :radio-target) clist))
(goto-char p))
- ((setq o (car (delq nil
- (mapcar
- (lambda (x)
- (if (memq x org-latex-fragment-image-overlays) x))
- (overlays-at (point))))))
+ ((setq o (org-some
+ (lambda (o)
+ (and (eq (overlay-get o 'org-overlay-type)
+ 'org-latex-overlay)
+ o))
+ (overlays-at (point))))
(push (list :latex-fragment
(overlay-start o) (overlay-end o)) clist)
(push (list :latex-preview