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ox-beamer: Document columns
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@@ -44,9 +44,6 @@
;; Moreover, headlines now fall into three categories: sectioning
;; elements, frames and blocks.
-;; - Like `latex' back-end sectioning elements are still set through
-;; `org-latex-classes' variable.
;; - Headlines become frames when their level is equal to
;; `org-beamer-frame-level' (or "H" value in the OPTIONS line).
;; Though, if an headline in the current tree has a "BEAMER_env"
@@ -68,18 +65,31 @@
;; a "BEAMER_ref" property is mandatory in order to refer to the
;; frame being resumed, and contents are ignored.
-;; Also, an headline with an "ignoreheading" value will have its
-;; contents only inserted in the output. This special value is
+;; Also, an headline with an "ignoreheading" environment will have
+;; its contents only inserted in the output. This special value is
;; useful to have data between frames, or to properly close
;; a "column" environment.
-;; Along with "BEAMER_env", headlines also support "BEAMER_act" and
-;; "BEAMER_opt" properties. The former is translated as an
+;; Along with "BEAMER_env", headlines also support the "BEAMER_act"
+;; and "BEAMER_opt" properties. The former is translated as an
;; overlay/action specification (or a default overlay specification
;; when enclosed within square brackets) whereas the latter specifies
;; options for the current frame ("fragile" option is added
;; automatically, though).
+;; Moreover, headlines handle the "BEAMER_col" property. Its value
+;; should be a decimal number representing the width of the column as
+;; a fraction of the total text width. If the headline has no
+;; specific environment, its title will be ignored and its contents
+;; will fill the column created. Otherwise, the block will fill the
+;; whole column and the title will be preserved. Two contiguous
+;; headlines with a non-nil "BEAMER_col" value share the same
+;; "columns" LaTeX environment. It will end before the next headline
+;; without such a property. This environment is generated
+;; automatically. Although, it can also be explicitly created, with
+;; a special "columns" value for "BEAMER_env" property (if it needs to
+;; be set up with some specific options, for example).
;; Every plain list has support for `:environment', `:overlay' and
;; `:options' attributes (through ATTR_BEAMER affiliated keyword).
;; The first one allows to use a different environment, the second