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@@ -3088,7 +3088,7 @@ lines will be left alone by this command.
Selects this line for global recalculation with @kbd{C-u C-c *}, but
not for automatic recalculation. Use this when automatic
recalculation slows down editing too much.
+@item @
Unmarked lines are exempt from recalculation with @kbd{C-u C-c *}.
All lines that should be recalculated should be marked with @samp{#}
or @samp{*}.
@@ -5111,7 +5111,7 @@ FILE @r{The filename the entry is located in.}
To create sparse trees and special lists with selection based on properties,
the same commands are used as for tag searches (@pxref{Tag searches}).
@table @kbd
-@orgcmdkkc{C-c / m,C-c \,org-match-sparse-tree}
+@orgcmdkkc{C-c / m,C-c @backslashchar{},org-match-sparse-tree}
Create a sparse tree with all matching entries. With a
@kbd{C-u} prefix argument, ignore headlines that are not a TODO line.
@orgcmd{C-c a m,org-tags-view}