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org.texi (Storing searches): Add index entries and a note about {*-tree} agenda views
* org.texi (Storing searches): Add index entries and a note about {*-tree} agenda views. Thanks to Alan Schmitt for indirectly pointing at this doc problem.
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@@ -8622,6 +8622,13 @@ buffer, or a sparse tree (the latter covering of course only the current
@kindex C-c a C
@vindex org-agenda-custom-commands
+@cindex agenda views, main example
+@cindex tags, as an agenda view
+@cindex todo, as an agenda view
+@cindex tags-todo
+@cindex todo-tree
+@cindex occur-tree
+@cindex tags-tree
Custom commands are configured in the variable
@code{org-agenda-custom-commands}. You can customize this variable, for
@@ -8682,6 +8689,9 @@ additional key (@kbd{l}, @kbd{p} or @kbd{k}) to select a name (Lisa,
Peter, or Kim) as additional tag to match.
@end table
+Note that the @code{*-tree} agenda views need to be called from an
+Org buffer as they operate on the current buffer only.
@node Block agenda, Setting Options, Storing searches, Custom agenda views
@subsection Block agenda
@cindex block agenda