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authorThomas S. Dye <>2012-12-04 14:19:43 (GMT)
committer Bastien Guerry <>2012-12-04 14:19:43 (GMT)
commit6340615cc6022a09795f467c5b59254cc453de85 (patch)
parent795e951270e64f33ee0d9eee18101ee80f508be4 (diff)
org-e-texinfo.el: Introduce #+TEXINFO_POST_HEADER and use it.
* org-e-texinfo.el (e-texinfo) (org-e-texinfo--generate-menu-list, org-e-texinfo-template): Introduce #+TEXINFO_POST_HEADER and use it. TINYCHANGE
1 files changed, 10 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/contrib/lisp/org-e-texinfo.el b/contrib/lisp/org-e-texinfo.el
index f870ba5..0782875 100644
--- a/contrib/lisp/org-e-texinfo.el
+++ b/contrib/lisp/org-e-texinfo.el
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
;; It introduces 1 new headline property keywords:
-;; "TEXINFO_MENU_TITLE" for optional menu titles.
+;; "TEXINFO_MENU_TITLE" for optional menu titles.
;; To include inline code snippets (for example for generating @kbd{}
;; and @key{} commands), the following export-snippet keys are
@@ -126,6 +126,7 @@
((:texinfo-filename "TEXINFO_FILENAME" nil org-e-texinfo-filename t)
(:texinfo-class "TEXINFO_CLASS" nil org-e-texinfo-default-class t)
(:texinfo-header "TEXINFO_HEADER" nil nil newline)
+ (:texinfo-post-header "TEXINFO_POST_HEADER" nil nil newline)
(:subtitle "SUBTITLE" nil nil newline)
(:subauthor "SUBAUTHOR" nil nil newline)
(:texinfo-dircat "TEXINFO_DIR_CATEGORY" nil nil t)
@@ -546,7 +547,7 @@ TREE is the parse-tree containing the headlines. LEVEL is the
headline level to generate a list of. INFO is a plist holding
contextual information."
(let (seq
- (noexport (string= "noexport"
+ (noexport (string= "noexport"
(and (plist-get info :with-tags)
(org-export-get-tags tree info)))))
@@ -651,6 +652,7 @@ holding export options."
(org-export-output-file-name ".info"))))
(author (org-export-data (plist-get info :author) info))
(texinfo-header (plist-get info :texinfo-header))
+ (texinfo-post-header (plist-get info :texinfo-post-header))
(subtitle (plist-get info :subtitle))
(subauthor (plist-get info :subauthor))
(class (plist-get info :texinfo-class))
@@ -685,6 +687,12 @@ holding export options."
+ ;; Additional Header Options set by #+TEXINFO_POST_HEADER
+ (if texinfo-post-header
+ (concat "\n"
+ texinfo-post-header
+ "\n"))
;; Copying
;; Only export the content of the headline, do not need the