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testing/README: add howto run ERT partially
* testing/README (Interactive testing from within Emacs): Add a description how to run a single ERT or all tests of a single test file.
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@@ -43,11 +43,42 @@ load and run the test suite with the following commands.
(require 'org-test)
-2) Then run the test suite.
+2) Then run the test suite,
#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
+ or when a test fails run it interactively and investigate the
+ problem in the ERT results buffer.
+ How to run one test:
+ Use this as a demo example of a failing test
+ #+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
+ (ert-deftest test-org/org-link-escape-ascii-character-demo-of-fail ()
+ (should (string= "%5B" ;; expected is right
+ (org-link-escape "[")))
+ (should (string= "%5C" ;; expected is wrong, "%5D" would be right
+ (org-link-escape "]"))))
+ or evaluate the ert-deftest form of the test you want to run. Then
+ "M-x ert RET test-org/org-link-escape-ascii-character-demo-of-fail RET"
+ When not visible yet switch to the ERT results buffer named
+ "\*ert\*". When a test failed the ERT results buffer shows the
+ details of the first "should" that failed. See
+ (info "(ert)Running Tests Interactively") on how to re-run, start
+ the debugger etc.
+ How to run all tests of a single test file:
+ "M-x ert-delete-all-tests RET", confirm. Open the file
+ ./lisp/test-*.el, "M-x eval-buffer RET", "M-x ert RET t RET"
+ Consider to set pp-escape-newlines nil before running the test when
+ looking at "should" in the ERT results buffer. Especially when
+ using "l" to look at passed test results and possibly missing an
+ appropriate setting of pp-escape-newlines made only temporarily for
+ the running time of the test as e. g. tests using
+ org-test-table-target-expect-tblfm do.
* Troubleshooting
- If the value of the =org-babel-no-eval-on-ctrl-c-ctrl-c= is non-nil