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diff --git a/lisp/org.el b/lisp/org.el
index bf56218..14eb41c 100755
--- a/lisp/org.el
+++ b/lisp/org.el
@@ -7322,20 +7322,16 @@ Optional arguments START and END can be used to limit the range."
(setq org-hide-block-overlays nil))
(defun org-hide-block-toggle-maybe ()
- "Toggle visibility of block at point."
+ "Toggle visibility of block at point.
+Do not throw an error. Return t when toggling is successful."
- (let ((case-fold-search t))
- (if (save-excursion
- (beginning-of-line 1)
- (looking-at org-block-regexp))
- (progn (org-hide-block-toggle)
- t) ;; to signal that we took action
- nil))) ;; to signal that we did not
+ (ignore-errors (org-hide-block-toggle) t))
(defun org-hide-block-toggle (&optional force)
"Toggle the visibility of the current block.
When optional argument FORCE is `off', make block visible. If it
-is non-nil, hide it unconditionally."
+is non-nil, hide it unconditionally. Throw an error when not at
+a block."
(let ((element (org-element-at-point)))
(unless (memq (org-element-type element)