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diff --git a/lisp/ox-beamer.el b/lisp/ox-beamer.el
index 3e1c00a..47d8478 100644
--- a/lisp/ox-beamer.el
+++ b/lisp/ox-beamer.el
@@ -231,20 +231,19 @@ Return overlay specification, as a string, or nil."
(if a (org-beamer-export-to-pdf t s v b)
(org-open-file (org-beamer-export-to-pdf nil s v b)))))))
- '((:beamer-theme "BEAMER_THEME" nil org-beamer-theme)
+ '((:headline-levels nil "H" org-beamer-frame-level)
+ (:latex-class "LATEX_CLASS" nil "beamer" t)
+ (:beamer-column-view-format "COLUMNS" nil org-beamer-column-view-format)
+ (:beamer-theme "BEAMER_THEME" nil org-beamer-theme)
(:beamer-color-theme "BEAMER_COLOR_THEME" nil nil t)
(:beamer-font-theme "BEAMER_FONT_THEME" nil nil t)
(:beamer-inner-theme "BEAMER_INNER_THEME" nil nil t)
(:beamer-outer-theme "BEAMER_OUTER_THEME" nil nil t)
(:beamer-header-extra "BEAMER_HEADER" nil nil newline)
- (:beamer-column-view-format nil nil org-beamer-column-view-format)
(:beamer-environments-extra nil nil org-beamer-environments-extra)
(:beamer-frame-default-options nil nil org-beamer-frame-default-options)
(:beamer-outline-frame-options nil nil org-beamer-outline-frame-options)
- (:beamer-outline-frame-title nil nil org-beamer-outline-frame-title)
- ;; Modify existing properties.
- (:headline-levels nil "H" org-beamer-frame-level)
- (:latex-class "LATEX_CLASS" nil "beamer" t))
+ (:beamer-outline-frame-title nil nil org-beamer-outline-frame-title))
:translate-alist '((bold . org-beamer-bold)
(export-block . org-beamer-export-block)
(export-snippet . org-beamer-export-snippet)
@@ -1126,30 +1125,6 @@ aid, but the tag does not have any semantic meaning."
(t (org-entry-delete nil "BEAMER_env"))))))
-(defun org-beamer-insert-options-template (&optional kind)
- "Insert a settings template, to make sure users do this right."
- (interactive (progn
- (message "Current [s]ubtree or [g]lobal?")
- (if (eq (read-char-exclusive) ?g) (list 'global)
- (list 'subtree))))
- (if (eq kind 'subtree)
- (progn
- (org-back-to-heading t)
- (org-reveal)
- (org-entry-put nil "EXPORT_LaTeX_CLASS" "beamer")
- (org-entry-put nil "EXPORT_LaTeX_CLASS_OPTIONS" "[presentation]")
- (org-entry-put nil "EXPORT_FILE_NAME" "presentation.pdf")
- (when org-beamer-column-view-format
- (org-entry-put nil "COLUMNS" org-beamer-column-view-format))
- (org-entry-put nil "BEAMER_col_ALL" org-beamer-column-widths))
- (insert "#+LaTeX_CLASS: beamer\n")
- (insert "#+LaTeX_CLASS_OPTIONS: [presentation]\n")
- (when org-beamer-theme (insert "#+BEAMER_THEME: " org-beamer-theme "\n"))
- (when org-beamer-column-view-format
- (insert "#+COLUMNS: " org-beamer-column-view-format "\n"))
- (insert "#+PROPERTY: BEAMER_col_ALL " org-beamer-column-widths "\n")))
(defun org-beamer-publish-to-latex (plist filename pub-dir)
"Publish an Org file to a Beamer presentation (LaTeX).