AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
4 hoursob-ruby: clean up the session code some more and work around an I/O sync prob...HEADmasterAchim Gratz2-18/+59
9 hoursob-ruby: fix a24775dc79 againAchim Gratz2-3/+4
23 hoursob-sql.el: Clean mysql parameters generationSteven Rémot1-3/+3
23 hoursob-sql.el: Enhance postgresql supportSteven Rémot1-1/+11
23 hoursMerge branch 'maint'Nicolas Goaziou1-3/+3
23 hoursFix to determine a bulk-markable linemaintmarcowahlsoft@gmail.com1-3/+3
24 hoursMerge branch 'maint'Achim Gratz1-3/+3
24 hourstest-ob-exp: fix failing testAchim Gratz1-3/+3
25 hoursox-koma-letter: Fix "to" and "from"Nicolas Goaziou1-7/+6
31 hoursox-ascii: Implement plain-lists own extra marginNicolas Goaziou3-1/+28
45 hoursMerge branch 'maint'Nicolas Goaziou1-11/+11
45 hoursox-ascii: Fix filling with preserve breakNicolas Goaziou1-11/+11
46 hoursMerge branch 'maint'Nicolas Goaziou1-5/+8
46 hoursorg.texi: Be more explicit about output file nameNicolas Goaziou1-5/+8
47 hoursFix 788780296c0642b723598fa09300f2926a39e9f8Nicolas Goaziou1-2/+1
47 hoursorg.texi: Document case-sensitivity of special blocksNicolas Goaziou1-10/+11
2 daysMerge branch 'maint'Nicolas Goaziou2-7/+12
2 daysFix headline insertion after an empty headlineNicolas Goaziou2-7/+12
2 daysorg-table: fix docstringAaron Ecay1-1/+1
2 daysob-R: declare ess-current-process-nameAchim Gratz1-1/+2
2 daysMerge branch 'maint'Achim Gratz1-4/+4
2 daysob-sh: compatibility fix for "Marker does not point anywhere" errors in Emacs 23Achim Gratz1-1/+7
2 daysob-shell: compatibility fix for "Marker does not point anywhere" errors in Em...Achim Gratz1-1/+7
2 daysox-texinfo: fix bug in 3432681fbeAchim Gratz1-1/+1
3 daysorg-table: for compatibility, use org-file-equal-pAchim Gratz1-1/+1
3 daysMerge branch 'master' of Goaziou1-2/+4
3 daysMerge branch 'maint'Nicolas Goaziou1-75/+74
3 daysob-R: make it work with older ESS versionsAchim Gratz1-2/+4
3 daysox-html: Fix linking to deep level headlinesNicolas Goaziou1-77/+64
4 dayslisp/ob-R.el: use `ess-wait-for-process' to assure clean session startupchasberry1-0/+3
4 daysParsing and exporting special blocks preserve caseNicolas Goaziou8-8/+13
6 daysTiny refactoringNicolas Goaziou1-1/+1
6 daysFix `org-hide-block-toggle' return valueNicolas Goaziou2-7/+17
6 daysFix `org-hide-block-toggle-maybe'Nicolas Goaziou1-9/+5
6 daysFix `org-up-heading-safe'Nicolas Goaziou1-8/+5
6 daysob-gnuplot: Fix error when table contains datesNicolas Goaziou1-10/+8
6 daysFix "Not at a block" error on dynamic blocksNicolas Goaziou1-6/+6
7 daysMerge branch 'master' of Guerry4-58/+104
7 daysTable formula: Fix for Lisp return value nilMichael Brand2-4/+3
7 daysTable formula: Add ERT for Lisp return valuesMichael Brand1-0/+38
8 daysorg-element: Fix outdated commentNicolas Goaziou1-8/+3
8 daysorg-element: Fix planning parsingNicolas Goaziou2-47/+61
8 daysMerge branch 'master' of Guerry5-581/+956
8 daysorg-table: Use "ox.el" internally for radio tablesNicolas Goaziou4-545/+918
9 daysox-latex: Tweak table row exportNicolas Goaziou1-36/+38
9 daysMerge branch 'master' of Guerry1-2/+3
9 daysFix "Not at a block" error on export blocksNicolas Goaziou1-2/+3
9 daysMerge branch 'master' of Guerry1-1/+1
9 daysFix "Not at a block" error on special blocksNicolas Goaziou1-1/+1
9 daysMerge branch 'master' of Guerry2-23/+20