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10.3.1 The weekly/daily agenda

The purpose of the weekly/daily agenda is to act like a page of a paper agenda, showing all the tasks for the current week or day.

C-c a a
Compile an agenda for the current week from a list of Org files. The agenda shows the entries for each day.

Emacs contains the calendar and diary by Edward M. Reingold. Org-mode understands the syntax of the diary and allows you to use diary sexp entries directly in Org files:

     * Birthdays and similar stuff
     #+CATEGORY: Holiday
     %%(org-calendar-holiday)   ; special function for holiday names
     #+CATEGORY: Ann
     %%(diary-anniversary  5 14 1956)1 Arthur Dent is %d years old
     %%(diary-anniversary 10  2 1869) Mahatma Gandhi would be %d years old

Org can interact with Emacs appointments notification facility. To add all the appointments of your agenda files, use the command org-agenda-to-appt. See the docstring for details.


[1] Note that the order of the arguments (month, day, year) depends on the setting of calendar-date-style.