This is the official manual for the latest Org-mode release.

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12.8.6 A Beamer example

Here is a simple example Org document that is intended for Beamer export.

     #+TITLE: Example Presentation
     #+AUTHOR: Carsten Dominik
     #+OPTIONS: H:2 toc:t num:t
     #+LATEX_CLASS: beamer
     #+LATEX_CLASS_OPTIONS: [presentation]
     #+BEAMER_THEME: Madrid
     * This is the first structural section
     ** Frame 1
     *** Thanks to Eric Fraga                                           :B_block:
         :BEAMER_COL: 0.48
         :BEAMER_ENV: block
         for the first viable Beamer setup in Org
     *** Thanks to everyone else                                        :B_block:
         :BEAMER_COL: 0.48
         :BEAMER_ACT: <2->
         :BEAMER_ENV: block
         for contributing to the discussion
     **** This will be formatted as a beamer note                       :B_note:
          :BEAMER_env: note
     ** Frame 2 (where we will not use columns)
     *** Request
         Please test this stuff!