This is the official manual for the latest Org-mode release.

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12.10.1 LaTeX export commands

C-c C-e l l     (org-latex-export-to-latex)
Export as a LaTeX file. For an Org file, the LaTeX file will be myfile.tex. The file will be overwritten without warning.
C-c C-e l L     (org-latex-export-as-latex)
Export to a temporary buffer. Do not create a file.
C-c C-e l p     (org-latex-export-to-pdf)
Export as LaTeX and then process to PDF.
C-c C-e l o
Export as LaTeX and then process to PDF, then open the resulting PDF file.

The exporter supports several LaTeX engines, namely ‘pdflatex’, ‘xelatex’ and ‘lualatex’. The default LaTeX compiler can be set via org-latex-compiler or the #+LATEX_COMPILER keyword. It is possible to only load some packages with certain compilers (see the docstring of org-latex-default-packages-alist). The bibliography compiler may also be set via org-latex-bibtex-compiler1.


[1] You cannot set the bibliography compiler on a file basis via a keyword. However, “smart” LaTeX compilation systems, such as ‘latexmk’, are usually able to select the correct bibliography compiler.