This is the official manual for the latest Org-mode release.

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14.7 Languages

Code blocks in the following languages are supported.

Language Identifier Language Identifier
Asymptote asymptote Awk awk
C C C++ C++
Clojure clojure CSS css
D d ditaa ditaa
Graphviz dot Emacs Calc calc
Emacs Lisp emacs-lisp Fortran fortran
gnuplot gnuplot Haskell haskell
Java java Javascript js
LaTeX latex Ledger ledger
Lisp lisp Lilypond lilypond
MATLAB matlab Mscgen mscgen
Objective Caml ocaml Octave octave
Org mode org Oz oz
Perl perl Plantuml plantuml
Processing.js processing Python python
R R Ruby ruby
Sass sass Scheme scheme
GNU Screen screen Sed sed
shell sh SQL sql
SQLite sqlite

Language-specific documentation is available for some languages. If available, it can be found at

The option org-babel-load-languages controls which languages are enabled for evaluation (by default only emacs-lisp is enabled). This variable can be set using the customization interface or by adding code like the following to your emacs configuration.

The following disables emacs-lisp evaluation and enables evaluation of R code blocks.

      '((emacs-lisp . nil)
        (R . t)))

It is also possible to enable support for a language by loading the related elisp file with require.

The following adds support for evaluating clojure code blocks.

     (require 'ob-clojure)