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12.8.3 Sectioning, Frames and Blocks in Beamer

Any tree with not-too-deep level nesting should in principle be exportable as a Beamer presentation. Headlines fall into three categories: sectioning elements, frames and blocks.

Headlines also support BEAMER_ACT and BEAMER_OPT properties. The former is translated as an overlay/action specification, or a default overlay specification when enclosed within square brackets. The latter specifies options2 for the current frame or block. The export back-end will automatically wrap properties within angular or square brackets when appropriate.

Moreover, headlines handle the BEAMER_COL property. Its value should be a decimal number representing the width of the column as a fraction of the total text width. If the headline has no specific environment, its title will be ignored and its contents will fill the column created. Otherwise, the block will fill the whole column and the title will be preserved. Two contiguous headlines with a non-nil BEAMER_COL value share the same columns LaTeX environment. It will end before the next headline without such a property. This environment is generated automatically. Although, it can also be explicitly created, with a special columns value for BEAMER_ENV property (if it needs to be set up with some specific options, for example).


[1] If this property is set, the entry will also get a :B_environment: tag to make this visible. This tag has no semantic meaning, it is only a visual aid.

[2] The fragile option is added automatically if it contains code that requires a verbatim environment, though.