This is the official manual for the latest Org-mode release.

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7.2 Special properties

Special properties provide an alternative access method to Org mode features, like the TODO state or the priority of an entry, discussed in the previous chapters. This interface exists so that you can include these states in a column view (see Column view), or to use them in queries. The following property names are special and should not be used as keys in the properties drawer:

     ALLTAGS      All tags, including inherited ones.
     BLOCKED      "t" if task is currently blocked by children or siblings.
     CLOCKSUM     The sum of CLOCK intervals in the subtree.  org-clock-sum
                  must be run first to compute the values in the current buffer.
     CLOCKSUM_T   The sum of CLOCK intervals in the subtree for today.
                  org-clock-sum-today must be run first to compute the
                  values in the current buffer.
     CLOSED       When was this entry closed?
     DEADLINE     The deadline time string, without the angular brackets.
     FILE         The filename the entry is located in.
     ITEM         The headline of the entry.
     PRIORITY     The priority of the entry, a string with a single letter.
     SCHEDULED    The scheduling timestamp, without the angular brackets.
     TAGS         The tags defined directly in the headline.
     TIMESTAMP    The first keyword-less timestamp in the entry.
     TIMESTAMP_IA The first inactive timestamp in the entry.
     TODO         The TODO keyword of the entry.