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12.9.7 Tables in HTML export

Org mode tables are exported to HTML using the table attributes defined in org-html-table-default-attributes. The default setting makes tables without cell borders and frame. If you would like to change this for individual tables, place something like the following before the table:

     #+CAPTION: This is a table with lines around and between cells
     #+ATTR_HTML: :border 2 :rules all :frame border

You can also group columns in the HTML output (see Column groups).

Below is a list of options for customizing tables HTML export.

Non-nil means attach style attributes for alignment to each table field.

When non-nil, place caption string at the beginning of the table.

The opening and ending tags for table data fields.

Default attributes and values which will be used in table tags.

The opening and ending tags for table header fields.

The opening and ending tags for table rows.

Non-nil means format column one in tables with header tags.