descriptionOrg merge driver for dVCS like git
last changeSat, 18 Aug 2012 08:06:28 +0000 (04:06 -0400)
2012-08-18 Andrew YoungAdd test drivers master gsoc_pencil_down
2012-08-16 Andrew YoungAdd GPL License header to source files
2012-08-16 Andrew YoungAdd and fix test cases
2012-08-16 Andrew YoungStore relative heading level when parsing
2012-08-16 Andrew YoungFix insertion and deletion of children elements
2012-08-16 Andrew YoungAdd org_heading debug module
2012-08-14 Andrew YoungUpdate README
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungAdd gnulib and Flex generated files
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungClose input files before writing output
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungProperly return -1 on unresolved conflict
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungAdd a TAP driver and parallel test harness
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungAdd more test cases.
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungDisable debug printing
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungImplement beginning of cycle testing
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungImplement parsing of properties properties drawer
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungImplement new doc_elt interfaces
5 years ago gsoc_pencil_down GSoC evaluation release
5 years ago master
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