2012-08-18 Andrew YoungAdd test drivers master gsoc_pencil_down
2012-08-16 Andrew YoungAdd GPL License header to source files
2012-08-16 Andrew YoungAdd and fix test cases
2012-08-16 Andrew YoungStore relative heading level when parsing
2012-08-16 Andrew YoungFix insertion and deletion of children elements
2012-08-16 Andrew YoungAdd org_heading debug module
2012-08-14 Andrew YoungUpdate README
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungAdd gnulib and Flex generated files
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungClose input files before writing output
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungProperly return -1 on unresolved conflict
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungAdd a TAP driver and parallel test harness
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungAdd more test cases.
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungDisable debug printing
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungImplement beginning of cycle testing
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungImplement parsing of properties properties drawer
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungImplement new doc_elt interfaces
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungMove out print_ctxt to it's own source
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungFix issue with incorrect doc_elt_keys
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungImplement new isrelated and print strategies.
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungAdd functions to verify todos and priorities
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungImplement fwrite docstream wrapper
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungImplement merging of text using string_merge
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungImplement a line-by-line string merge algorithm
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungImplement org_property document element
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungAdd context sources to makefile
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungImplement argp interface and initialize contexts
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungWrite new contexts and interfaces
2012-08-13 Andrew YoungAdd private versions of gl_anytree to project
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungProperly initial merge contexts and merge in main
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungAdd global mapping interface to org_text
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungChange the token names in the parser
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungChange token names
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungAdd merge contexts to org_document
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungUpdate org_heading to use movement detection
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungFix bug in doc_reflist_merge
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungAdd a merge_context, ID keys, and a hook for global...
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungAdd reflection to elements
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungUpdate the src/
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungAdd search merger
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungAdd printing modules for smerger and listmerge
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungIgnore gnulib rbtree source files in Git
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungAdd doc/ automake file for future doc generation
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungImport gnulib's rbtree-list
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungHook merge rule tests into the automake TAP driver
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungUpdate the merge driver to not error with the new imple...
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungAdd preliminary merge rule checker
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungAdd doc folder to the automake path
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungMake Check an optional package
2012-08-01 Andrew YoungDelete unused test files in tests
2012-07-27 Andrew YoungUpdate main to use new elements
2012-07-27 Andrew YoungRemove unused data structures
2012-07-27 Andrew YoungUpdate lexer and parser to new element interface
2012-07-27 Andrew YoungUpdate org_text to use the new interfaces
2012-07-27 Andrew YoungUpdate org_heading element to use new interface
2012-07-27 Andrew YoungImplement org_document
2012-07-27 Andrew YoungImplement doc_elt support modules
2012-07-27 Andrew YoungDocument doc_stream
2012-07-27 Andrew YoungUpdate all doc_elt_ops operations
2012-07-27 Andrew YoungUpdate all doc_elt interfaces
2012-07-27 Andrew YoungUpdate the Makefile to include new sources
2012-07-27 Andrew YoungSet the default debug print level to 1
2012-07-19 Andrew YoungAdd text as a property of org_heading
2012-07-19 Andrew YoungMake org_text a property of headings
2012-07-19 Andrew YoungFix typo in doc_merge.c
2012-07-19 Andrew YoungAdd map keys and map sets to merge_map
2012-07-19 Andrew YoungAdd support for printing conflict markers
2012-07-19 Andrew YoungMake merge_delta initialize child update to 0
2012-07-19 Andrew YoungMake main initialize merge_print_ctxt
2012-07-19 Andrew YoungInitialize parents to NULL in an ltree
2012-07-19 Andrew YoungMake ancsestor not count children as updates
2012-07-19 Andrew YoungAdd map set and map keys to doc_elt_ops
2012-07-19 Andrew YoungAdd map keys and map sets to doc_elt
2012-07-13 Andrew YoungAdd new ops, get_key and get_type
2012-07-13 Andrew YoungReflect child updates to parent merge_node deltas
2012-07-13 Andrew YoungImplement doc_elt_compare for org_text
2012-07-13 Andrew YoungImplement doc_elt_compare in org_heading
2012-07-13 Andrew YoungChange smerge to merge in function name
2012-07-12 Andrew YoungAdd doc_elt_is_related, change doc_elt_compare
2012-07-12 Andrew YoungAdd note_child_update
2012-07-12 Andrew YoungFix interface for merge_delta
2012-07-12 Andrew Youngmerge_tree: automatically add parents
2012-07-12 Andrew YoungAdd child_update field to merge_delta
2012-07-12 Andrew Youngdoc_merge: moving matcing event to function
2012-07-12 Andrew YoungAdd debug print levels
2012-07-12 Andrew YoungAdd debug printing macros
2012-07-11 Andrew YoungModify doc_merge to work with new interfaces
2012-07-11 Andrew YoungAdd function to access specific children to dor_tree
2012-07-11 Andrew YoungAdd more interface functions for trees
2012-07-11 Andrew YoungAdd generic function for traverersing ltrees
2012-07-09 Andrew YoungRemove poorly placed assert in parser
2012-07-09 Andrew YoungAdd compilation instructions to README
2012-07-09 Andrew YoungUpdate todo and implementation notes
2012-07-09 Andrew YoungUpdate and add unit tests
2012-07-09 Andrew YoungChange the order project directories are built in
2012-07-09 Andrew YoungUpdate the makefile and main
2012-07-09 Andrew YoungAdd merge_print function
2012-07-09 Andrew YoungFix bug where map fields aren't set
2012-07-09 Andrew YoungAdd org parser
2012-07-09 Andrew YoungRewrite the entire lexer
2012-07-09 Andrew YoungFix org_text strings and implement print_merge