2012-06-01 Andrew YoungDetect conflict when moving and removing an element prototype
2012-05-30 Andrew YoungFix parser from removing the last character in a file
2012-05-30 Andrew YoungStop ancestor headings being matched to headings with...
2012-05-30 Andrew YoungMap headings based off of the heading ID if there is one
2012-05-30 Andrew YoungParse :ID: property from a heading property list
2012-05-30 Andrew YoungStop headings from being printed in reverse order
2012-05-30 Andrew YoungProperly merge content updates for different change...
2012-05-30 Andrew YoungPrint output to files
2012-05-29 Andrew YoungFix recursive different parent matching
2012-05-28 Andrew YoungMatch children headings of unmatched headings
2012-05-28 Andrew YoungFix merger change detection and implement recursive...
2012-05-26 Andrew YoungAdd initial merging algorithm
2012-05-25 Andrew YoungAdd some practice org docuements to tests
2012-05-25 Andrew YoungImplement first draft of the 'matching' algorithm
2012-05-25 Andrew YoungUpdate implementation and TODO notes
2012-05-17 Andrew YoungUpdate todo and log
2012-05-17 Andrew YoungUse diffseq to find differences between headings of...
2012-05-17 Andrew YoungDetect changes neccessary to change one orgmode file...
2012-05-16 Andrew YoungImport gnulib diffseq
2012-05-16 Andrew YoungUpdate implementation notes, todo list and diary
2012-05-16 Andrew YoungUpdate diary and remove use instructions from implement...
2012-05-15 Andrew YoungUpdate implementation and todo notes
2012-05-10 Andrew YoungFix gl_list missing inline functions and reverse gl_lis...
2012-05-10 Andrew YoungCleanup source code
2012-05-10 Andrew YoungFix bugs in the parser and tree operating functions
2012-05-10 Andrew YoungFinish parser
2012-05-10 Andrew YoungAdd function to print to a stream
2012-05-10 Andrew YoungUpdate
2012-05-10 Andrew YoungAdd function to write org documents back to their sourc...
2012-05-09 Andrew YoungUpdate todo list and implementation notes
2012-05-09 Andrew YoungIgnore automake and build targets in Git
2012-05-09 Andrew YoungCleanup autotool files
2012-05-09 Andrew YoungRename test directory
2012-05-09 Andrew YoungFix spelling mistake in README
2012-05-09 Andrew YoungAdd test directory
2012-05-09 Andrew YoungAdd documentation directory
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungAdd basic usage and compilation instructions to README
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungUse Gnu project standards
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungIgnore *.o and *.a files in Git
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungHack gl_list to work by removing inline functions
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungFix source file name
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungAdd partial parser implementation
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungAdd main program body
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungAdd org_document type
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungAdd functions for reading files
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungRecurse automake into src directory
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungAdd src directory
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungImport gnulib array-list
2012-05-08 Andrew YoungREADME: Add project description and webpage
2012-05-04 Andrew YoungAdd basic Gnu standard project layout