org-capture: %F is directory when capture starts in a dired buffer
[org-mode.git] / lisp / org-capture.el
2011-07-19 Nicolas Goaziouorg-capture: %F is directory when capture starts in...
2011-07-18 Bastien GuerryFix (a lot of) compiler warnings.
2011-07-12 Bastien Guerryorg-capture.el: Delete trailing whitespace.
2011-07-12 Bastien Guerryorg-capture.el: Fix bug about insert blank line when...
2011-07-10 David MausFix docstrings, consistently refer to capture, not...
2011-07-06 Bastien GuerryBump to version 7.6
2011-05-27 Carsten DominikCapture: Store time from prompt in file+datetree+prompt...
2011-05-24 Carsten Dominik* lisp/org-capture.el (org-capture): Ignore errors...
2011-05-13 Carsten DominikFix bug in capture customization setup.
2011-05-05 Carsten DominikDocument the capture property :table-line-pos
2011-04-08 Bastien Guerryorg-capture.el: Fix bugs about handling the :clock...
2011-04-07 Carsten DominikFix bug introduced with previous commit
2011-04-07 Carsten DominikAllow to capture plain templates into Org nodes
2011-04-06 Carsten DominikIntroduce a new org-capture escape for arbitrarily...
2011-03-19 Carsten DominikMinor fix
2011-03-07 Bastien GuerryFix bug with the handling of the new :clock-keep option.
2011-03-07 emacsUpdate website to show 7.5 as current release
2011-03-07 emacsRelease 7.5 release_7.5
2011-03-07 Bastien Guerryorg-capture.el: Rename :no-clock-out to :clock-keep.
2011-03-07 Bastien Guerryorg-capture.el: new :no-clock-out template option.
2011-03-06 Bastien Guerry* org-capture.el: Don't allow currentfile anymore.
2011-03-06 Bastien Guerryorg-capture.el: remove (currentfile) as a file specific...
2011-03-06 Bastien Guerryorg-capture.el: Fix bug about capturing to narrowed...
2011-03-06 Bastien Guerryorg-capture.el: make :immediate-finish cooperate with...
2011-03-01 Carsten DominikGet rid of some compiler warnings
2011-02-26 Puneeth ChagantiBugfix with interactive prompt in templates expansion.
2011-02-23 Bastien Guerry* org-capture.el (org-capture-refile): Fix typo in...
2011-02-22 Carsten DominikSimplify the function `org-capture-expand-file'
2011-02-22 Bastien Guerry(org-capture-expand-file): Bugfix in cond form.
2011-02-22 Carsten DominikFix typo in code
2011-02-22 Carsten DominikAllow file names in capture templates to be functions...
2011-02-18 Nicolas Goaziouorg-list: implement alphabetical lists
2011-02-18 Nicolas GoaziouModified behavior in searches specific to lists
2011-02-12 BastienAllow (currentfile) for capture templates.
2011-02-01 Osamu OkanoVarious docstrings typo fixes by Osamu OKANO.
2011-01-07 Carsten DominikMake file and path accessible in capture templates
2010-12-20 Carsten DominikMerge branch 't/patch490'
2010-12-20 Carsten DominikFix bug with capture to datetree
2010-12-20 Carsten DominikFix bug with capture to datetree
2010-12-20 Julien Danjouorg-capture: use org-eval
2010-12-17 Julien Danjouorg: rework `org-set-property'
2010-12-16 Carsten DominikCapture: Better error message for invalid entry-type...
2010-12-10 Carsten DominikVersion number back to 7.4
2010-12-10 Carsten DominikBump version number to 7.5
2010-12-10 Carsten DominikRelease 7.4 release_7.4
2010-12-06 Carsten DominikAllow to jump to capture template after finalizing
2010-11-30 Julien Danjouorg-capture: use org-today
2010-11-27 Allen S. RoutNew hook to run after finalizing capture, suitable...
2010-11-25 Carsten DominikDate tree capture with prompt for date
2010-11-12 Carsten DominikRemove the autoload for org-capture-templates
2010-11-07 Bastien GuerrySet version number to 7.3
2010-11-01 Carsten DominikRelease 7.3 release_7.3
2010-10-29 Carsten DominikPush version number to 7.02trans
2010-10-29 Carsten DominikRelease 7.02 release_7.02
2010-10-29 Carsten DominikRelease 7.02.01
2010-10-29 Carsten DominikRelease 7.02
2010-10-26 Carsten DominikNew capture property :kill-buffer
2010-10-26 Carsten DominikFix empty line bug in capture
2010-10-16 Carsten DominikFix placing capture items at beginning of buffer.
2010-10-11 Carsten DominikCapture: Fix positioning error when :unnarrowed propert...
2010-09-30 Carsten DominikFix bug with capture template prompt history
2010-09-24 David MausWiden to remove possible restrictions in target buffer
2010-09-23 David MausUpdate doc string with new message date related escapes
2010-09-22 Bastien GuerryAllow %:org-date for Gnus links.
2010-09-12 David MausSmall fix in doc string
2010-09-03 Carsten DominikFix read-only property removal bug
2010-09-02 Carsten DominikFix read-only issue with capture
2010-09-01 Nicolas Goaziouorg-fix-bullet-type is now org-list-repair. Created...
2010-09-01 Nicolas GoaziouDefined `org-item-beginning-re'. Org capture should...
2010-08-31 Manish SharmaAllow "#" and "%" in tags
2010-08-30 Carsten DominikAlign tags after capture template tags insertion
2010-08-20 Magnus Henochorg-capture + autoload
2010-08-16 Carsten DominikFix checkitem and item placement bugs in org-capture
2010-08-11 Bastien GuerryBugfix: tiny typo in org-capture.el.
2010-08-11 Carsten DominikCapture: Fix indentation of %i
2010-08-07 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01g release_7.01h
2010-07-31 Noorul Islamorg-capture: Make messages consistent.
2010-07-29 John WiegleyAdded a missing call to (goto-char (point-min))
2010-07-28 Bernt HansenFix clocking on capture completion
2010-07-21 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01g release_7.01g
2010-07-21 Carsten DominikCapture: Default template when no capture templates...
2010-07-21 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01f release_7.01f
2010-07-20 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01e release_7.01e
2010-07-20 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01c
2010-07-20 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01d
2010-07-20 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01c
2010-07-20 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01b release_7.01b
2010-07-20 Carsten DominikMake org-capture use `org-default-notes-file' if the...
2010-07-19 Carsten DominikFix customize type for capture template function
2010-07-19 Carsten DominikMention release 7.01 on the website, push release numbe...
2010-07-19 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01 release_7.01
2010-07-18 Carsten DominikCapture: Change order of escape processing
2010-07-15 Philip RookeCorrect some docstrings
2010-07-14 Carsten DominikCapture, fix template files again
2010-07-14 Carsten DominikCapture: Fix the case of using a template file
2010-07-13 Carsten DominikFix bookmarking the capture position
2010-07-09 David MausCheck if `org-capture-link-is-already-stored' is bound...
2010-07-08 Philip RookeThe docstring of org-capture-templates
2010-07-06 Carsten DominikMake sure going to last capture also works after refile
2010-07-06 Carsten DominikFix bug in getting template from file or function