Replace org-mode-p with usual (eq major-mode 'org-mode) check
[org-mode.git] / lisp / org-macs.el
2011-10-22 Tassilo HornReplace org-mode-p with usual (eq major-mode 'org-mode...
2011-08-17 Bastien GuerryRemove the "Version" header in Org libraries (leave...
2011-08-15 Bastien GuerryRemove arch-tag at the bottom of files.
2011-08-15 Bastien GuerryFix copyright years for elisp files in core and contrib.
2011-08-12 David MausProvide edebug specifications for macros
2011-08-10 David MausNew function: Return alist based on flat list
2011-08-10 David MausFactor out function for substituting posix class in...
2011-08-10 David MausNew macro: Evaluate FORM in ENVIRONMENT
2011-08-10 David MausUse new macro `org-with-gensyms'
2011-08-10 David MausNew macro: Wrap let-binding of uninterned SYMBOLS aroun...
2011-07-28 emacsUpdate website to show 7.7 as current release
2011-07-28 emacsRelease 7.7 release_7.7
2011-07-28 Bastien GuerryManually revert 366254217ac6faea20a5d43fae065bd028806eab.
2011-07-23 Nicolas Goaziouorg-macs: macro `org-with-limited-levels' also sets...
2011-07-21 Nicolas Goaziouorg-macs: org-with-limited-levels also change org-outli...
2011-07-18 Bastien GuerryFix (a lot of) compiler warnings.
2011-07-18 Bastien GuerryNew feature: allow some commands to loop over siblings.
2011-07-18 Bastien GuerryDon't use `outline-regexp' anymore.
2011-07-06 Bastien GuerryBump to version 7.6
2011-07-06 Bastien GuerryRevert "Silence byte-compiler with a new alias: filter...
2011-07-05 Bastien GuerrySilence byte-compiler with a new alias: filter-buffer...
2011-07-03 Bastien Guerryorg-macs.el: new function `org-format-seconds'.
2011-07-02 David MausToggle partial-completion-mode only if it is turned on
2011-07-02 Bastien GuerryBugfix `org-without-partial-completion' (again).
2011-07-02 Bastien GuerryFix `org-without-partial-completion' again.
2011-06-30 Bastien GuerryRevert "Fix binding problem in org-without-partial...
2011-06-29 Michael Markertorg-macs: Determine on macro expand which interactive...
2011-06-28 Bastien GuerryFix binding problem in org-without-partial-completion.
2011-06-17 Eric SchulteRevert "replacing calls to now-defunct function `intera...
2011-06-14 Eric Schultetrick the compiler
2011-06-14 Eric Schultereplacing calls to now-defunct function `interactive-p'
2011-05-02 Carsten DominikMake `org-save-outline-visibility' macro return a usefu...
2011-03-23 Julien DanjouSet lisp-indent-function for org-with-remote-undo
2011-03-09 Bastien Guerryorg-macs.el (org-with-wide-buffer): Bugfix.
2011-03-07 emacsUpdate website to show 7.5 as current release
2011-03-07 emacsRelease 7.5 release_7.5
2011-03-05 Bastien GuerryBugfix: allow org-blocker-hook to check against heading...
2011-02-27 Julien Danjouorg-macs: store evaluated version of pom
2011-02-17 David MausInline function to properly decode utf8 characters...
2010-12-10 Carsten DominikVersion number back to 7.4
2010-12-10 Carsten DominikBump version number to 7.5
2010-12-10 Carsten DominikRelease 7.4 release_7.4
2010-12-03 Carsten DominikFix macro definition of with-silent-modification
2010-11-23 David MausFix condition for with-silent-modification
2010-11-22 Achim GratzFix byte compiler warnings
2010-11-07 Bastien GuerrySet version number to 7.3
2010-11-01 Carsten DominikRelease 7.3 release_7.3
2010-10-29 Carsten DominikPush version number to 7.02trans
2010-10-29 Carsten DominikRelease 7.02 release_7.02
2010-10-29 Carsten DominikRelease 7.02.01
2010-10-29 Carsten DominikRelease 7.02
2010-10-25 Carsten DominikUpdate freemind converter
2010-08-27 Eric Schultemoved `org-save-outline-visibility' into org-macs.el
2010-08-07 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01g release_7.01h
2010-07-21 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01g release_7.01g
2010-07-21 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01f release_7.01f
2010-07-20 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01e release_7.01e
2010-07-20 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01c
2010-07-20 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01d
2010-07-20 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01c
2010-07-20 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01b release_7.01b
2010-07-20 Carsten DominikMake org-capture use `org-default-notes-file' if the...
2010-07-19 Carsten DominikMention release 7.01 on the website, push release numbe...
2010-07-19 Carsten DominikRelease 7.01 release_7.01
2010-07-16 Philip RookeCorrect some docstrings [part 4]
2010-06-26 Carsten DominikIntroduce a way to set a property to undefined.
2010-06-25 Carsten DominikFix issue with turning off ORDERED property
2010-06-04 Carsten DominikFix some issues in the entity and subscript code
2010-05-09 Carsten DominikPush version number to 6.36trans
2010-05-09 Carsten DominikRelease 6.36a release_6.36
2010-04-18 Carsten DominikRedefine the functions where XEmacs invisibility has...
2010-04-15 Carsten DominikPush version number to 6.35trans
2010-04-08 Carsten DominikRelease 6.35g release_6.35g
2010-04-08 Carsten DominikRelease 6.35f release_6.35f
2010-04-07 Carsten DominikRelease 6.35e release_6.35e
2010-04-07 Carsten DominikRelease 6.35d release_6.35d
2010-04-07 Carsten DominikUpdate copyright notices and fix wrong version tags
2010-04-07 Carsten DominikRelease 6.35c release_6.35c
2010-04-07 Carsten DominikRelease 6.35b release_6.35b
2010-04-06 Carsten DominikRelease 6.35 release_6.35
2010-01-20 Carsten DominikVersion number to 6.34trans
2010-01-17 Carsten DominikRelease 6.34c release_6.34c
2010-01-14 Carsten DominikRelease 6.34b release_6.34b
2010-01-12 Carsten DominikRelease 6.34a release_6.34a
2010-01-10 Carsten DominikRelease 6.34
2010-01-10 Carsten DominikRelease 3.34
2009-12-09 Carsten DominikUse John Gruber's regular expression for URL's
2009-11-25 Carsten DominikAllow Org-mode source code examples in LaTeX export
2009-11-20 Carsten DominikPush release number to 6.33trans
2009-11-20 Carsten DominikRelease 6.33f release_6.33f
2009-11-20 Carsten DominikRelease 6.33e release_6.33e
2009-11-20 Carsten DominikRelease 6.33d release_6.33d
2009-11-15 Carsten DominikPush version number to 6.33trans
2009-11-15 Carsten DominikRelease 6.33c release_6.33c
2009-11-14 Carsten DominikRelease 6.33b release_6.33b
2009-11-13 Carsten DominikRelease 6.33a release_6.33a
2009-11-13 Carsten DominikPush version number to 6.33a
2009-11-13 Carsten DominikRelease 6.33
2009-11-12 Bernt HansenFix spelling and grammar
2009-10-27 Carsten DominikVersion number to 6.32trans