2 days agoorg.el: Respect read-file-name-function master
Rasmus [Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:35:53 +0000]
org.el: Respect read-file-name-function

* org (org-iread-file-name): Respect read-file-name-function.

2 days agoorg.el: Refactor org-file-complete-link
Rasmus [Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:34:35 +0000]
org.el: Refactor org-file-complete-link

* org.el (org-file-complete-link): Refactor.

2 days agoorg.el: Small refactor
Rasmus [Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:15:16 +0000]
org.el: Small refactor

* org.el (org-icompleting-read): Support completing-read-default.

2 days agoUse `completing-read-function' for completion
Oleh Krehel [Thu, 16 Apr 2015 14:22:11 +0000]
Use `completing-read-function' for completion

lisp/org.el (org-icompleting-read): When `completing-read-function' is
the default one, use `ido', otherwise, use `completing-read-function'.

2 days agoox: Change label naming scheme
Rasmus [Wed, 15 Apr 2015 19:50:53 +0000]
ox: Change label naming scheme

* ox.el (org-export-get-reference): Change labeling scheme.

160820bc94 and later changed the label naming scheme to follow types.
This commit maps to types to more standard names, e.g. 'headline' to

2 days agoox-latex: Accept user-label for more types
Rasmus [Wed, 15 Apr 2015 19:46:57 +0000]
ox-latex: Accept user-label for more types

* ox-latex.el (org-latex--label): Add user-labels for targets.
(org-latex--wrap-label, org-latex-link, org-latex-target)
(org-latex-radio-target): Use org-latex--label.

2 days agoRemove intanglibe overlay
Rasmus [Thu, 16 Apr 2015 09:53:05 +0000]
Remove intanglibe overlay

* org-colview.el (org-columns-display-here):
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks): Remove
  intanglible overlay.

Suggested-by: Stefan Monnier <monnier@IRO.UMontreal.CA>
(Incl. original patch by Stefan).

5 days agoox-publish: Extend published external links
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 13 Apr 2015 12:03:50 +0000]
ox-publish: Extend published external links

* lisp/ox-publish.el (org-publish-collect-numbering):
(org-publish-resolve-external-fuzzy-link): Remove functions.

(org-publish--collect-references, org-publish-resolve-external-link):
New functions.
(org-publish-org-to): Use new functions.

* lisp/ox-html.el (org-html-link): Reflect changes above.

This patch extends `org-publish-resolve-external-fuzzy-link', now
known as `org-publish-resolve-external-link' to custom-id links and
dedicated targets.

5 days agoox-latex: Introduce `org-latex-prefer-user-labels' variable
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 13 Apr 2015 09:53:59 +0000]
ox-latex: Introduce `org-latex-prefer-user-labels' variable

* lisp/ox-latex.el (org-latex-prefer-user-labels): New variable.
(org-latex-custom-id-as-label): Remove variable.
(org-latex--label): New function.

(org-latex-link): Use new function.

* etc/ORG-NEWS: Document new variable.

This variable replaces, and generalizes,

5 days agoox: Remove `org-export-solidify-link-text'
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 13 Apr 2015 09:36:18 +0000]
ox: Remove `org-export-solidify-link-text'

* lisp/ox.el (org-export-solidify-link-text): Remove function.

* etc/ORG-NEWS: Signal removal.

5 days agoExport back-ends: Use `org-export-get-reference'
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 13 Apr 2015 09:24:42 +0000]
Export back-ends: Use `org-export-get-reference'

* lisp/ox-beamer.el (org-beamer-link):

* lisp/ox-html.el (org-html--wrap-image):

* lisp/ox-latex.el (org-latex--caption/label-string):

* lisp/ox-man.el (org-man-target):

* lisp/ox-md.el (org-md-headline):

* lisp/ox-odt.el (org-odt-format-headline--wrap):

* lisp/ox-texinfo.el (org-texinfo--get-node):

* contrib/lisp/ox-groff.el (org-groff-link):

* contrib/lisp/ox-rss.el (org-rss-headline): Use

5 days agoox: Remove `org-export-get-headline-id'
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 12 Apr 2015 22:49:17 +0000]
ox: Remove `org-export-get-headline-id'

* lisp/ox.el (org-export-get-headline-id):
(org-export--collect-unnumbered-headline-id): Remove function.
(org-export-collect-tree-properties): Apply removal.

* testing/lisp/test-ox.el (test-org-export/org-export-get-headline-id):
  Remove test.
(test-org-export/numbered-headline-p): Update test.

`org-export-get-reference' supersedes it.

5 days agoox: Implement `org-export-get-reference'
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 12 Apr 2015 22:47:07 +0000]
ox: Implement `org-export-get-reference'

* lisp/ox.el (org-export-get-reference): New function.

* etc/ORG-NEWS: Signal new function.

5 days agoORG-NEWS: Update copyright year
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 13 Apr 2015 13:13:10 +0000]
ORG-NEWS: Update copyright year

5 days agoox-latex: Tiny fix
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 13 Apr 2015 07:49:39 +0000]
ox-latex: Tiny fix

* lisp/ox-latex.el (org-latex-link): Tiny fix.

6 days agoox-latex: Use :ALT_TITLE: on unnumbered headlines
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 12 Apr 2015 18:09:25 +0000]
ox-latex: Use :ALT_TITLE: on unnumbered headlines

* lisp/ox-latex.el (org-latex-headline): Use :ALT_TITLE: also on
  unnumbered headlines.

Suggested-by: Marcin Borkowski <>

6 days agoorg-footnote: Allow new footnotes in headlines
Nicolas Goaziou [Sat, 11 Apr 2015 22:25:33 +0000]
org-footnote: Allow new footnotes in headlines

* lisp/org-footnote.el (org-footnote--allow-reference-p): Allow new
footnotes in headlines.

* testing/lisp/test-org-footnote.el (test-org-footnote/new): Add test.

Reported-by: Thomas S. Dye <>

7 days agoMerge branch 'maint'
Nicolas Goaziou [Sat, 11 Apr 2015 11:47:40 +0000]
Merge branch 'maint'

7 days agoFix documentation for org-capture template expansion maint
François Allisson [Sat, 11 Apr 2015 10:05:33 +0000]
Fix documentation for org-capture template expansion

* doc/org.texi (Template expansion): Fix typo.


7 days agoFix wrong type error with %l in `org-agenda-prefix-format'
Nicolas Goaziou [Fri, 10 Apr 2015 22:15:04 +0000]
Fix wrong type error with %l in `org-agenda-prefix-format'

* lisp/org.el (org-scan-tags): Fix type.

Reported-by: Dominik Schrempf <>

8 days agoorg-info: Correctly export info links to HTML
Nicolas Goaziou [Fri, 10 Apr 2015 08:38:06 +0000]
org-info: Correctly export info links to HTML

* lisp/org-info.el (org-info-export): New function.

Reported-by: Richard Y. Kim <>

8 days agoMerge branch 'maint'
Nicolas Goaziou [Fri, 10 Apr 2015 08:26:01 +0000]
Merge branch 'maint'

8 days Properly escape checksum binary path
Jacob Matthews [Tue, 7 Apr 2015 17:52:25 +0000] Properly escape checksum binary path

* lisp/ (org-mobile-copy-agenda-files): Escape org-mobile-checksum-binary.

Fix a bug where if the checksum binary is in a non shell-safe path, then
the shell invocation silently fails. This can happen on any platform but
is probably worst on Windows where it's common to put programs in
"C:/Program Files".


9 days agoox: Fix Spanish translations
Vicente Vera Parra [Thu, 9 Apr 2015 17:52:37 +0000]
ox: Fix Spanish translations

* lisp/ox.el (org-export-dictionary): Fix Spanish translations,
  including :ascii and :html properties. Also add :default Spanish
  property for "References".


9 days agoox-latex: Fix a780080fc
Rasmus [Thu, 9 Apr 2015 16:39:35 +0000]
ox-latex: Fix a780080fc

* ox-latex.el (org-latex-template): Empty string for subtitle
  when it is not set.

9 days agoox: Allow multi-line objects in `parse' options
Nicolas Goaziou [Thu, 9 Apr 2015 12:08:34 +0000]
ox: Allow multi-line objects in `parse' options

* lisp/ox.el (org-export--get-inbuffer-options): Allow multi-line objects.
* testing/lisp/test-ox.el (test-org-export/get-inbuffer-options): Add
  tests.  Update some others.

It is possible to write, e.g.,

  #+TITLE: *bold
  #+TITLE: sentence*

9 days agoFix a780080fcf38ca6412658323eae9367a17a12bdf
Nicolas Goaziou [Thu, 9 Apr 2015 08:04:29 +0000]
Fix a780080fcf38ca6412658323eae9367a17a12bdf

* lisp/ox-latex.el (latex): Parse SUBTITLE, DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS.
* lisp/ox-beamer.el (org-beamer-template): Do not parse again

9 days agoox: Add #+SUBTITLE property in some backends
Rasmus [Sun, 1 Mar 2015 21:09:19 +0000]
ox: Add #+SUBTITLE property in some backends

* ox-texinfo.el (texinfo, org-texinfo-template): Parse subtitle.
* ox-s5.el (org-s5-title-slide-template):
* ox-deck.el (org-deck-title-slide-template):
* ox-odt.el (odt, org-odt-template):
* ox-latex.el (latex, org-latex-template):
* ox-html.el (html, org-html-format-spec, org-html-template):
* ox-ascii.el (ascii, org-ascii-template--document-title):
* ox-beamer.el (beamer, org-beamer-template): Support #+SUBTITLE.
* ox-html.el (org-html-postamble-format)
* ox-latex.el (org-latex-title-command)
(org-latex-hyperref-template): Update docstring.
* ox-html.el (org-html-style-default): New .subtitle css property.
* ox-beamer.el (org-beamer-subtitle-format):
* ox-latex.el (org-latex-subtitle-format)
(org-latex-subtitle-separate): New variable.
* org.texi (ASCII/Latin-1/UTF-8 export)
(Beamer specific export settings)
(HTML Specific export settings)
(@LaTeX{} specific export settings, CSS support)
(ODT specific export settings)
(Texinfo specific export settings, Document preamble)
(Publishing options, Publishing options): Document #+SUBTITLE.

The patch adds a #+SUBTITLE keyword to ox-ascii, ox-latex, ox-html and

9 days agoox-ascii: Fix 12a6303
Rasmus [Wed, 8 Apr 2015 20:00:50 +0000]
ox-ascii: Fix 12a6303

* ox-ascii.el (org-ascii-template--document-title): Take full lines
  into considerations for titles.

10 days agoox-html: Silence byte-compiler
Nicolas Goaziou [Wed, 8 Apr 2015 11:32:31 +0000]
ox-html: Silence byte-compiler

* lisp/ox-html.el (org-html--build-meta-info): Silence byte-compiler.

10 days agoox-html: Silence byte-compiler
Nicolas Goaziou [Wed, 8 Apr 2015 11:23:35 +0000]
ox-html: Silence byte-compiler

* lisp/ox-html.el (org-html--build-meta-info): Use `org-remove-if-not'
  instead of `remove-if-not'.

10 days agoox-html: Use viewport
Rasmus [Wed, 1 Apr 2015 13:39:28 +0000]
ox-html: Use viewport

* ox-html.el (org-html--build-meta-info): Insert viewport.
  (org-html-viewport): New custom variable.
* ORG-NEWS: Mention viewport.
* org.texi: Mention org-html-viewport.

Viewport makes org-generated html work well with small screens.

10 days agoob-sql: Add possibility to set dbport
Saulius Menkevičius [Mon, 6 Apr 2015 20:13:06 +0000]
ob-sql: Add possibility to set dbport

 * lisp/ob-sql.el (org-babel-sql-dbstring-mysql): Change type
signature to accept server port number too.
(org-babel-execute:sql) Will now recognize the dbport parameter.
Passed to `org-babel-sql-dbstring-mysql' only for now.


11 days agoFix visibility issue when inserting a heading
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 6 Apr 2015 23:39:10 +0000]
Fix visibility issue when inserting a heading

* lisp/org.el (org-insert-heading): Fix visibility issue.  Remove
  unused binding.

Reported-by: Daniel E. Doherty <>

11 days agoFix b4f9ee4eba11ef86891cf1f04c277ce9b03ef649
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 6 Apr 2015 23:36:29 +0000]
Fix b4f9ee4eba11ef86891cf1f04c277ce9b03ef649

* lisp/org.el (org-at-property-p): Fix typo.

11 days agoFix `org-at-property-p'
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 6 Apr 2015 22:08:31 +0000]
Fix `org-at-property-p'

* lisp/org.el (org-at-property-p): Return nil when at the beginning of
  the properties drawer.

11 days agoSmall refactoring
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 6 Apr 2015 22:02:54 +0000]
Small refactoring

* lisp/org.el (org-read-property-name): Small refactoring.

12 days agoorg-table: `org-table-end' does not return a marker
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 6 Apr 2015 07:38:21 +0000]
org-table: `org-table-end' does not return a marker

* lisp/org-table.el (org-table-end): Do not return a maker.
(org-table-recalculate): Create needed marker.

Creating a marker was not documented, and not always needed.
`copy-marker' should be used when they are.  Markers not deactivated
slow down editing.

12 days agoorg-element: Fix cache bug
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 5 Apr 2015 22:37:49 +0000]
org-element: Fix cache bug

* lisp/org-element.el (org-element--cache-for-removal): Be more
  careful when altering a properties drawer.

* testing/lisp/test-org-element.el (test-org-element/cache): Add test.

12 days agoorg-element: Fix regexp
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 5 Apr 2015 19:38:10 +0000]
org-element: Fix regexp

* lisp/org-element.el (org-element--cache-sensitive-re): Fix regexp.

13 days agoox-ascii: Fix titles with line breaks
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 5 Apr 2015 19:11:20 +0000]
ox-ascii: Fix titles with line breaks

* lisp/ox-ascii.el (org-ascii-template--document-title): Take into
  consideration line breaks when computing title's width.

13 days agoox-latex: Parse DATE
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 5 Apr 2015 17:00:56 +0000]
ox-latex: Parse DATE

* lisp/ox-latex.el (latex): Parse DATE.

13 days agoORG-NEWS: Document parsed keywords changes
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 5 Apr 2015 12:24:27 +0000]
ORG-NEWS: Document parsed keywords changes

13 days ago`org-open-at-point' follows links in keywords
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 5 Apr 2015 12:15:23 +0000]
`org-open-at-point' follows links in keywords

* lisp/org.el (org-open-at-point): Follow links in keywords.

* testing/lisp/test-org.el (test-org/open-at-point-in-keyword): New test.

13 days agoox-latex, ox-koma-letter: Use new `parse' syntax
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 5 Apr 2015 12:06:59 +0000]
ox-latex, ox-koma-letter: Use new `parse' syntax

* contrib/lisp/ox-koma-letter.el (koma-letter): Set "SUBJECT" as
(org-koma-letter-template): Apply.
* lisp/ox-latex.el (latex): Set "DESCRIPTION" and "KEYWORDS" as
(org-latex--format-spec): Apply.

13 days agoorg-element: Remove `org-element-document-properties'
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 5 Apr 2015 08:29:16 +0000]
org-element: Remove `org-element-document-properties'

* lisp/org-element.el (org-element-document-properties): Remove
(org-element-context): Ignore ex-"document keywords".

* testing/lisp/test-org-element.el (test-org-element/context): Remove
  no longer applicable tests.

Parsed keywords are no longer hard-coded and can be set per export

As a consequence, `org-element-context' no longer returns objects in
"TITLE", "DATE" or "AUTHOR" keywords.  This makes sense as these
objects would only make sense during export, and only if the chosen
back-end actually uses them.

13 days agoorg-macro: Allow macros in parsed keywords and associated properties
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 5 Apr 2015 11:40:44 +0000]
org-macro: Allow macros in parsed keywords and associated properties

* lisp/org-macro.el (org-macro-replace-all): Add optional argument.
  Now accept macros in parsed keywords and associated properties.

* lisp/ox.el (org-export-as): Apply signature change.

* testing/lisp/test-ox.el (test-org-export/expand-macro): Add test.

13 days agoox: Implement `parse' behavior for options
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 5 Apr 2015 08:23:28 +0000]
ox: Implement `parse' behavior for options

* lisp/ox.el (org-export-options-alist): Implement `parse' behavior
  and use it for parsed keywords.  Update docstring.
(org-export-document-properties): Remove variable.

(org-export--remove-uninterpreted-data): Handle `parse' behavior.

(org-export-as): Do not assume :date is always a secondary string
and :email is never one.

* testing/lisp/test-ox.el (test-org-export/get-inbuffer-options):
  Update tests.

2 weeks agoox-latex: Fix for export of doi type links
Derek Feichtinger [Fri, 3 Apr 2015 20:11:15 +0000]
ox-latex: Fix for export of doi type links

* lisp/ox-latex.el (org-latex-link): Add "doi" to the list of link
types that retain the protocol prefix in the exported link.


2 weeks agoORG-NEWS: Mention #+CATEGORY change
Nicolas Goaziou [Fri, 3 Apr 2015 19:10:57 +0000]
ORG-NEWS: Mention #+CATEGORY change

2 weeks agoFix some copyright years
Nicolas Goaziou [Thu, 2 Apr 2015 09:37:32 +0000]
Fix some copyright years

* contrib/lisp/org-mime.el:
* lisp/ob-ref.el: Fix copyrigtht years.

2 weeks agoorg.texi: Fix copyright year
Nicolas Goaziou [Thu, 2 Apr 2015 09:36:13 +0000]
org.texi: Fix copyright year

2 weeks agoFix diary sexp indentation
Nicolas Goaziou [Thu, 2 Apr 2015 08:29:36 +0000]
Fix diary sexp indentation

* lisp/org.el (org--get-expected-indentation): Diary sexps are to be
  indented at column 0.
* testing/lisp/test-org.el (test-org/indent-line): Add test.

2 weeks agoUpdate defcustom
Nicolas Goaziou [Wed, 1 Apr 2015 22:23:57 +0000]
Update defcustom

* lisp/org.el (org-cycle-hook): Update version and package-version.

Commit 03e81f0d240271d072fd155d41e59b6b353abaa9 modified default

2 weeks agoFix cycling ARCHIVE trees with inline tasks loaded
Nicolas Goaziou [Wed, 1 Apr 2015 22:06:49 +0000]
Fix cycling ARCHIVE trees with inline tasks loaded

* lisp/org-inlinetask.el (org-inlinetask-hide-tasks): New function.
* lisp/org.el (org-cycle-hide-inline-tasks): Remove function.
(org-cycle-hook): Apply removal.

Reported-by: "Francesco Pizzolante" <fpz-djc/>

2 weeks agoorg.texi: Small fix
Rasmus [Wed, 1 Apr 2015 21:04:51 +0000]
org.texi: Small fix

* org.texi (ODT export commands): Remove unnecessary heading.

2 weeks agoox-html: Small fix
Rasmus [Wed, 1 Apr 2015 12:43:20 +0000]
ox-html: Small fix

* ox-html.el (org-html-mathjax-options): Add new package-version.

2 weeks agoorg.texi: Changes to In-buffer settings
Rasmus [Tue, 31 Mar 2015 22:27:07 +0000]
org.texi: Changes to In-buffer settings

* org.texi (In-buffer settings): Remove keywords not defined in ox.el

2 weeks agoorg.texi: New export keywords sections
Rasmus [Wed, 1 Apr 2015 11:34:27 +0000]
org.texi: New export keywords sections

* org.texi (Beamer specific export settings)
  (HTML Specific export settings)
  (@LaTeX{} specific export settings)
  (ODT specific export settings)
  (Texinfo specific export settings): New sections.
  (Beamer specific syntax): Removed some text.

2 weeks agoManuals: Remove DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS
Rasmus [Wed, 1 Apr 2015 11:13:55 +0000]

* org.texi (Export settings)
  orgguide.texi (Export options): Remove DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS.

2 weeks agoorg.texi: Change beamer example to @example
Rasmus [Wed, 1 Apr 2015 11:12:20 +0000]
org.texi: Change beamer example to @example

* org.texi (A Beamer Example): Change to @example.

2 weeks agoorg.texi: Subsections in Beamer export
Rasmus [Wed, 1 Apr 2015 11:10:57 +0000]
org.texi: Subsections in Beamer export

* org.texi (Beamer export): Add menu and change subheading to

2 weeks agoFix 80bccca4e249cbb5812963863ccffbdcf4b25edd
Nicolas Goaziou [Wed, 1 Apr 2015 20:41:41 +0000]
Fix 80bccca4e249cbb5812963863ccffbdcf4b25edd

* lisp/org.el (org-refresh-category-properties): Extract default
  category before entering `with-silent-modifications', as
  `buffer-file-name' is then bound to nil.

Reported-by: John Hendy <>

2 weeks agoorg-mime.el: Don't use letf or cl-letf
Eric Abrahamsen [Wed, 1 Apr 2015 02:08:34 +0000]
org-mime.el: Don't use letf or cl-letf

* contrib/lisp/org-mime.el (org-mime-send-subtree, org-mime-compose):
  `cl-letf' doesn't exist in Emacs <= 23, but `letf' won't exist in
  future Emacs. Replace with `lambda' and `funcall'.

2 weeks agoox-html: Tiny fix
Rasmus [Tue, 31 Mar 2015 15:35:59 +0000]
ox-html: Tiny fix

* ox-html.el (html): Remove duplicated line.

2 weeks agoorg.texi: Fix #+CATEGORY description
Nicolas Goaziou [Tue, 31 Mar 2015 20:01:28 +0000]
org.texi: Fix #+CATEGORY description

* doc/org.texi (In-buffer settings): Remove deprecated behaviour.

2 weeks agoob-ref: Small refactoring
Nicolas Goaziou [Tue, 31 Mar 2015 19:50:43 +0000]
ob-ref: Small refactoring

* lisp/ob-ref.el (org-babel-ref-goto-headline-id):
(org-babel-ref-headline-body): Small refactoring.

2 weeks agoSmall optimization
Nicolas Goaziou [Tue, 31 Mar 2015 14:34:51 +0000]
Small optimization

* lisp/org.el (org-find-property): Small optimization.

Since VALUE is included in the regexp, it doesn't need to be found
again with `org-entry-get'.  However, we still need to make sure match
really is a node property.

2 weeks agoRemove no longer appropriate test
Nicolas Goaziou [Tue, 31 Mar 2015 14:32:54 +0000]
Remove no longer appropriate test

* testing/lisp/test-org.el (test-org/find-property): Remove a test.

For efficiency reasons, since
7a717f8f0415b822ad4b3d2af99869cff4b6f968, `org-find-property' cannot
match accumulated properties.  It still could be done with another
optional argument, at the cost of a slower algorithm, but is not
needed so far.

2 weeks agoFix `org-refresh-category-properties'
Nicolas Goaziou [Tue, 31 Mar 2015 14:22:10 +0000]
Fix `org-refresh-category-properties'

* lisp/org.el (org-refresh-category-properties): Ignore false
  positives when setting category.  Also, deprecate old CATEGORY
  keyword behaviour: new keywords override old ones.

2 weeks agoFix "Before first headline" error in `org-refresh-property'
Nicolas Goaziou [Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:57:54 +0000]
Fix "Before first headline" error in `org-refresh-property'

* lisp/org.el (org-refresh-property): Ignore function when before
first headline or inlinetask.  Small refactoring.

Reported-by: Nick Dokos <>

2 weeks agoRemove default #includes in Babel C, C++
Thierry Banel [Mon, 30 Mar 2015 19:36:00 +0000]
Remove default #includes in Babel C, C++

* ob-C.el (org-babel-C-expand-C): remove automatic inclusion
of <string.h>, <stdio.h>, <stdlib.h>

* adjust C++ tests to manually include
required header files.


2 weeks agoAllow searching for specific property value
Florian Beck [Mon, 30 Mar 2015 20:27:36 +0000]
Allow searching for specific property value

* lisp/org.el (org-re-property): New optional argument.
(org-find-property): Use it.

See <>.


2 weeks agoorg.el: Fix org-copy-subtree at inlinetask
Rasmus [Sun, 29 Mar 2015 13:27:41 +0000]
org.el: Fix org-copy-subtree at inlinetask

* org.el (org-copy-subtree): Include the end of an inlinetasks.

Previously, the end of an inlinetask would be left in the buffer.

2 weeks agotest-ox.el: Account for #+DESCRIPTION is not in ox
Rasmus [Sun, 29 Mar 2015 12:54:56 +0000]
test-ox.el: Account for #+DESCRIPTION is not in ox

* test-ox.el (test-org-export/get-inbuffer-options): Change to reflect
  that #+DESCRIPTION is non-standard keyword.

2 weeks agoox-org: Remove #+DESCRIPTION and #+KEYWORD support
Rasmus [Sun, 29 Mar 2015 12:26:59 +0000]
ox-org: Remove #+DESCRIPTION and #+KEYWORD support

* ox-org.el (org-org-keyword): Remove #+KEYWORD and #+DESCRIPTION
  (org-org-template): Remove explicit #+KEYWORD and #+DESCRIPTION

2 weeks agoorg-table: Fix docstrings
Nicolas Goaziou [Sun, 29 Mar 2015 12:06:43 +0000]
org-table: Fix docstrings

* lisp/org-table.el (org-table-beginning-of-field):
(org-table-end-of-field): Swap docstrings.

2 weeks agoFix `org-backward-sentence' and `org-forward-sentence'
Nicolas Goaziou [Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:12:46 +0000]
Fix `org-backward-sentence' and `org-forward-sentence'

* lisp/org.el (org-backward-sentence):
(org-forward-sentence): Properly move at the boundaries of an element.

* testing/lisp/test-org.el (test-org/forward-sentence):
(test-org/backward-sentence): New tests.

Reported-by: Rasmus <>

2 weeks agoox: Remove #+KEYWORD and #+DESCRIPTION
Rasmus [Fri, 13 Mar 2015 20:38:26 +0000]
ox: Remove #+KEYWORD and #+DESCRIPTION

* ox.el: Remove #+KEYWORD: and #+DESCRIPTION:.
* ox-deck.el, ox-rss.el, ox-html, ox-latex, ox-odt, ox-org: Add
* org.texi (Export settings): Explicit state which backends
  support #+DESCRIPTION and #+KEYWORDS.

3 weeks agoorg.texi: Fix typo
Nicolas Goaziou [Sat, 28 Mar 2015 15:04:21 +0000]
org.texi: Fix typo

* doc/org.texi (Comment lines): Fix typo.

3 weeks agoox: New smart quote algorithm
Nicolas Goaziou [Sat, 28 Mar 2015 14:08:44 +0000]
ox: New smart quote algorithm

* lisp/ox.el (org-export-smart-quotes-alist): Fix indentation.
(org-export-smart-quotes-regexps): Remove variable.
(org-export--smart-quote-status): New function.
(org-export-activate-smart-quotes): Use new function.

* testing/lisp/test-ox.el (test-org-export/activate-smart-quotes):
  Update tests.

3 weeks agoox: Tiny fix
Nicolas Goaziou [Sat, 28 Mar 2015 09:37:31 +0000]
ox: Tiny fix

* lisp/ox.el (org-export--get-inbuffer-options): Do not consider
  `quote' value as t.

3 weeks agoRemove comment related translators in export back-ends
Nicolas Goaziou [Sat, 28 Mar 2015 09:48:05 +0000]
Remove comment related translators in export back-ends

* lisp/ox-ascii.el (ascii):
* lisp/ox-latex.el (latex):
* lisp/ox-man.el (man):
* lisp/ox-md.el (md):
* lisp/ox-org.el (org):
* lisp/ox-texinfo.el (texinfo):

* contrib/lisp/ox-groff.el (groff): Remove `comment' and
`comment-block' translators.

`comment' and `comment-block' translators are not needed since both
commented lines and comment blocks do not appear anymore in the parse
tree.  See 69dd4301ab7aeb581968f1c7e75167338d024c8f.

3 weeks agoox: Remove filter associated to comments
Nicolas Goaziou [Sat, 28 Mar 2015 09:35:26 +0000]
ox: Remove filter associated to comments

* lisp/ox.el (org-export-filters-alist): Remove reference to comment
org-export-filter-comment-block-functions): Remove variables.

* doc/org.texi (Advanced configuration): Remove reference to comment

* etc/ORG-NEWS: Signal removal.

Comments are removed before parsing the buffer.  As a consequence,
filters are never called.

3 weeks agoox: Remove comments and comment blocks prior to export
Nicolas Goaziou [Sat, 28 Mar 2015 09:25:48 +0000]
ox: Remove comments and comment blocks prior to export

* lisp/ox.el (org-export--delete-comments): Renamed from
  `org-export--delete-commented-subtrees'.  Also remove comments and
  comment blocks.
(org-export-as): Apply renaming.

* testing/lisp/test-ox.el (org-test-with-parsed-data): Apply renaming.

From the export point of view COMMENTed subtrees and regular comments
are expected to be treated in the same way.

3 weeks agoorg.texi: Suggest :noexport: as an alternative for COMMENT
Nicolas Goaziou [Sat, 28 Mar 2015 09:10:53 +0000]
org.texi: Suggest :noexport: as an alternative for COMMENT

* doc/org.texi (Comment lines): Suggest :noexport: as an alternative
  for COMMENT.

3 weeks agoox: Fix `org-export--delete-commented-subtrees'
Nicolas Goaziou [Sat, 28 Mar 2015 08:59:08 +0000]
ox: Fix `org-export--delete-commented-subtrees'

* lisp/ox.el (org-export--delete-commented-subtrees): Match COMMENT
  subtree even with a priority cookie or a TODO keyword.

3 weeks agoRevert "Fix c9a52787c14c3a7429bcd3c8975350525e0baa04"
Nicolas Goaziou [Sat, 28 Mar 2015 08:54:37 +0000]
Revert "Fix c9a52787c14c3a7429bcd3c8975350525e0baa04"

This reverts commit 359572d37eb3131d934fbfaeffdee0c2a1abc7cc.

COMMENT headlines are expected to be ignored completely during export.

3 weeks agoFix code comment
Nicolas Goaziou [Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:14:59 +0000]
Fix code comment

* lisp/org.el (org-fontify-entities): Fix comment.

3 weeks agoox-html: Tiny fix
Rasmus [Fri, 27 Mar 2015 13:51:30 +0000]
ox-html: Tiny fix

* ox-html.el: Remove second :html-html5-fancy.

3 weeks agoox-koma-letter: Add hyperref support
Rasmus [Fri, 27 Mar 2015 12:46:08 +0000]
ox-koma-letter: Add hyperref support

* ox-koma-letter.el (org-koma-letter-template): Insert hyperref setup.

3 weeks agoox-latex: Utilize change in bcf6970
Rasmus [Fri, 27 Mar 2015 12:04:13 +0000]
ox-latex: Utilize change in bcf6970

* ox-koma-letter.el (org-koma-letter-template),
  ox-latex.el (org-latex--format-spec): Tiny refactor.

3 weeks agoox: Always insert creator in metadata
Rasmus [Fri, 27 Mar 2015 11:51:01 +0000]
ox: Always insert creator in metadata

* ox-odt.el (org-odt-template): Always insert creator.
* ox-latex.el (org-latex--format-spec): Creator always available.

3 weeks agoFuzzy links to headlines ignore COMMENT keywords
Nicolas Goaziou [Thu, 26 Mar 2015 20:05:27 +0000]
Fuzzy links to headlines ignore COMMENT keywords

* lisp/org.el (org-link-search): Ignore COMMENT keyword.
* testing/lisp/test-org.el (test-org/fuzzy-links): Add test.

Reported-by: Martin Carlé <>

3 weeks agoorg-macro: Small refactoring
Nicolas Goaziou [Tue, 24 Mar 2015 08:44:27 +0000]
org-macro: Small refactoring

* lisp/org-macro.el (org-macro-initialize-templates): Remove spurious
  lambda funcall.

3 weeks agoFix c9a52787c14c3a7429bcd3c8975350525e0baa04
Nicolas Goaziou [Tue, 24 Mar 2015 08:27:56 +0000]
Fix c9a52787c14c3a7429bcd3c8975350525e0baa04

* lisp/org-macro.el (org-macro--collect-macros): Ignore macro
  definitions in commented subtrees.
* lisp/ox.el (org-export--get-inbuffer-options): Ignore options in
  commented subtrees.
(org-export--delete-commented-subtrees): Remove function.
(org-export-as): Apply removal.

Removing the whole subtree is not subtle as Babel might want to use
data there.

Reported-by: Robert Klein <>

3 weeks agoox-beamer: Properly transcode description tags
Nicolas Goaziou [Tue, 24 Mar 2015 08:15:47 +0000]
ox-beamer: Properly transcode description tags

* lisp/ox-beamer.el (org-beamer-item): Make sure description tags are
  transcoded using `beamer' back-end instead of `latex'.

Reported-by: Andreas Leha <>

3 weeks agoob-latex: htlatex and imagemagick
Andreas Leha [Sat, 21 Mar 2015 22:22:17 +0000]
ob-latex: htlatex and imagemagick

Hi all,

please find attached a small patch that fixes a problem discussed
in [1].

In short, when executing a latex src block and htlatex is a valid
option, it should be used even if imagemagick is part of the headers.



>From 2986826441c24e2f0d6cf5efe6bf8aca75c4bdbb Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Andreas Leha <>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 22:11:37 +0000
Subject: [PATCH] ob-latex: htlatex preferred over imagemagick

* ob-latex.el (org-babel-execute:latex): change the order of the handlers

When `imagemagick' is given this entry acts as an else option.
So, it should always come last.

3 weeks agoox: Ignore export settings in commented subtrees
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 23 Mar 2015 23:32:15 +0000]
ox: Ignore export settings in commented subtrees

* lisp/ox.el (org-export--delete-commented-subtrees): New function.
(org-export-as): Use new function.

* testing/lisp/test-ox.el (org-test-with-parsed-data,
  test-org-export/get-inbuffer-options): Use new function.
(test-org-export/expand-macro): Add tests.

Reported-by: Andreas Leha <>

3 weeks agoox: Rename some internal functions
Nicolas Goaziou [Mon, 23 Mar 2015 23:06:56 +0000]
ox: Rename some internal functions

* lisp/ox.el (org-export--prune-tree): Renamed from
  `org-export-prune-tree'.  Move it close to its caller.
(org-export--remove-uninterpreted-data): Renamed from
`org-export-remove-uninterpreted-data'.  Move it close to its caller.
(org-export--remove-uninterpreted-data-1): Move internal function
close to its caller.
(org-export-as): Apply renaming.

* testing/lisp/test-ox.el (org-test-with-parsed-data): Apply renaming.