13 hours ago Nicolas GoaziouSilence byte-compiler master
15 hours ago Nicolas GoaziouTiny refactoring
15 hours ago Nicolas GoaziouFix a docstring
15 hours ago Nicolas GoaziouFix a docstring
36 hours ago Aaron Ecaycontrib: Use assq instead of assoc with quoted symbols
36 hours ago Aaron EcayUse assq instead of assoc with quoted symbols
36 hours ago Aaron Ecaycontrib, test suite: use assq instead of assoc for...
36 hours ago Aaron EcayUse assq instead of assoc for :keywords
2 days ago Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2 days ago Konubinixorg-expiry: Fix the call to `org-expiry-handler-function' maint
2 days ago KonubinixIndicate what happens to CLOCK entries in cloned subtrees
2 days ago Jakob LombacherORG-NEWS support of header argument for postgresql
2 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-faces: Fix a docstring
2 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-src: Tiny fix
2 days ago RasmusFix e03e837
2 days ago Rasmusorg-src: New syntax for source blocks faces
5 days ago Nicolas GoaziouAdd tests for Org Lint
5 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-lint: Fix Babel header arg value checker
6 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Document smart quotes behavior
6 days ago Kyle MeyerMerge branch 'maint'
6 days ago Kyle MeyerMerge branch 'maint'
6 days ago Nicolas Goaziou`org-open-line' ignores tables at the very beginning...
6 days ago Michael AlbinusBackport commit 2c05061 from Emacs
6 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Fix typo
6 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Move subscripts section outside of Embedded...
6 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Improve special symbols section
7 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Remove useless footnote
7 days ago Jakob Lombacherob-sql: Add dbport and dbpassword options to postgresql
7 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg.el: Respect user-defined reftex-cite-format
10 days ago Nicolas Goaziouob-J: Add missing keywords in defcustom
10 days ago Marco WahlORG-NEWS: update about babel J
10 days ago Marco Wahlob-J: allow also letter 'j' indicate J code
10 days ago Marco Wahlob-J: New variable to specify the call to J
12 days ago Marco Fix maxima test
12 days ago Marco WahlMerge branch 'maint'
12 days ago Marco Wahlorg-agenda: Skip invisible line at bulk marking
2016-09-07 Nicolas Goaziouorg-compat: Silence byte-compiler
2016-09-07 Nicolas Goaziouox: Use tabulated lists for export stack display
2016-09-07 Nicolas GoaziouMove obsolete functions to "org-compat.el"
2016-09-07 Nicolas Goaziouorg-footnote: Silence byte-compiler
2016-09-05 Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Small refactoring
2016-09-05 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'master' of
2016-09-05 Nicolas GoaziouRemove compatibility code for subr-x.el defsubsts
2016-09-05 U-IHM-NOTEBOOK... short help fits to window
2016-09-05 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2016-09-05 Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Fix alignment issue with entities release_8.3.6
2016-09-03 Nicolas Goaziouorg-agenda: Tiny fix
2016-09-03 Aaron Ecayob-comint: Fix org-babel-comint-in-buffer
2016-09-03 Aaron Ecaybabel: change single-armed ‘if’ statements to ‘when’
2016-09-03 Aaron Ecaycontrib: adapt to deprecation of org-remove-(angle...
2016-09-03 Aaron EcayDeprecate org-remove-(angle-brackets,double-quotes)
2016-09-03 Aaron EcayAdd obsolescence warning
2016-09-03 Aaron EcayString handling improvements.
2016-09-03 Aaron Ecayassoc -> assq
2016-09-03 Aaron EcayIntroduce new function for removing paired delimiters...
2016-09-03 Aaron Ecayob-core: Rename and refactor a function
2016-09-03 Aaron EcayUse org-with-wide-buffer where appropriate
2016-09-03 Aaron Ecayox-md: pacify byte compiler
2016-09-01 Aaron EcayUse file-name-extension where appropriate
2016-09-01 Jake Romerox-md.el: Export footnotes section as Markdown
2016-09-01 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2016-09-01 Nicolas Goaziouox-html: Remove duplicate option in back-end
2016-09-01 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2016-09-01 Aaron Ecaybabel: replace org-babel-*-read-string functions with...
2016-09-01 Aaron EcayFix ISO Latin1 expansion of \Delta
2016-08-31 Nick DokosMerge branch 'maint'
2016-08-31 Nick DokosFix scheme expression parsing
2016-08-30 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2016-08-30 Konstantin... org-entities: Correct unicode symbol of circ
2016-08-29 Nicolas GoaziouORG-NEWS: Notify ob-lua addition
2016-08-29 Nicolas Goaziouob-lua: Silence byte-compiler
2016-08-29 thibaultox-html: Add pre.src-lua to CSS
2016-08-29 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Add Lua to supported languages
2016-08-29 Nicolas Goaziouob-lua: Use cl-lib
2016-08-29 Nicolas Goaziouob-lua: Use lexical binding
2016-08-29 thibaultob-lua.el: Update library for Org 9.0
2016-08-29 Dieter Schoenob-lua: New file
2016-08-28 Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Tiny refactoring
2016-08-28 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2016-08-28 Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Fix column formulas
2016-08-28 Aaron EcayFix entity definition of \nbsp
2016-08-28 Nicolas Goaziouox-latex: Fix typo
2016-08-28 Nicolas Goaziouorg-compat: Silence byte-compiler
2016-08-28 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2016-08-28 Nicolas Goaziouox-html: Remove spurious newline at the end of inline...
2016-08-28 Nicolas GoaziouFix coderef handling in source blocks
2016-08-24 Aaron EcayClean up string handling.
2016-08-23 Nicolas Goazioucontrib/README: Remove "org-eww.el" from the list
2016-08-23 Nicolas GoaziouTurn org-mode into Org or Org mode
2016-08-23 Nicolas GoaziouFix typo in a docstring
2016-08-23 Nicolas GoaziouHandle tooltips on abbreviated links
2016-08-22 Nicolas Goaziouox-html: Tiny fix
2016-08-22 Nicolas Goaziouox-html: Number source blocks with listings
2016-08-22 Nicolas Goaziouox-latex: Fix repeated footnotes in tables
2016-08-20 Marco Wahltest-ob-maxima: Revert last commit
2016-08-20 Marco Wahlob-maxima-test: Clarify matrix test
2016-08-20 Marco Wahltest-ob-maxima: Fix maxima matrix test
2016-08-20 Marco Wahlob-maxima-test: Tiny cleanup
2016-08-20 Nicolas GoaziouMove org-eww to core
2016-08-19 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'