descriptionLet org-mode synchronize with TODO/bugtracker web services -- Google Summer of Code 12
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2014-01-27 Aurélien Aptelupdate README/TODO master
2014-01-27 Adam AwanOnly regexp-replace newlines in description if it is...
2012-12-16 Jonas HoerschUpdate README to reflect the need for a more recent...
2012-12-16 Jonas Hoerschos: os-headline-to-buglist calls os-headline-to-bug...
2012-12-14 Jonas Hoerschos: use node-property elements in property drawers
2012-12-14 Jonas Hoerschos-github: use authentication data also for os-github...
2012-08-18 Aurélien Aptelos.el: add new var os-sync-props to force which propert... gsoc_pencil_down
2012-08-13 Aurélien Aptelos.el: let user add property at buglist level.
2012-08-13 Aurélien update feature name in example.
2012-08-13 Aurélien Aptelos.el: add comments and ascii diagram of sync process.
2012-08-13 Aurélien Aptelos-github.el: clean filter and add debug message.
2012-08-13 Aurélien Aptelos.el: quote description to prevent markup mess.
2012-08-13 Aurélien Aptelchange feature name to os.
2012-08-10 Aurélien Aptelos-github.el: fix list/headline bug.
2012-08-10 Aurélien Aptelos.el: fix DEADLINE timestamp.
2012-08-10 Aurélien Aptelos-rtm.el: implemented import.
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