how to set file and language default header args
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2013-03-29 Eric Schultehow to set file and language default header args
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2011-07-25 Eric Schulteremoving link to closed-down babel dev site
2010-11-27 Dan DavisonTweak authorship statement
2010-09-11 Dan DavisonAdded authorship sentence
2010-07-20 Eric Schultebabel: how about this new title on the main page
2010-07-20 Tom DyeChanged Org-babel to Babel in the babel index page
2010-07-19 Eric Schulteupdating the babel intro for the 7.0 release
2010-07-19 Eric Schulteupdating Babel pages for 7.0 release -- adding ob-templ...
2010-03-18 Dan Davisonbabel: reference octave/matlab documentation
2010-03-11 Tom DyeTest #+LINK_UP with org-babel documentation
2010-03-01 Dan Davisonbabel: edit index
2010-01-06 Eric Schultebabel: turning off LaTeX export until dvipng is installed
2009-12-29 Eric Schultebabel: more minor visual tweaks
2009-12-29 Eric Schultebabel: more css changes
2009-12-29 Eric Schultebabel: try to override the default TOC style in referen...
2009-12-28 Eric Schultebabel: more style changes (images were being forced...
2009-12-28 Eric Schultebabel: more stylistic changes
2009-12-28 Eric Schultebabel: adding Babel Fish logo to index page
2009-12-28 Eric Schultebabel: fixed css in index page
2009-12-28 Tom Dyebabel: updates to and
2009-12-27 Bernt HansenFix typo
2009-12-26 Eric Schulteorg-babel: documentation tweaks
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