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2017-08-10 Christian Garbsremove .org suffix from link text
2017-08-10 Christian Garbsadd documentation link for ob-vala.el
2017-08-10 Christian Garbsadd documentation for Vala language support in Babel...
2017-08-02 Jay KamatAdd documentation for ob-C :namespaces
2017-07-03 BastienFix more begin_html blocks
2016-11-25 Yuval Langerob-doc-python: Fix typo
2016-09-20 tsdyeLink for clojure image
2016-07-19 D Germanadded documentation on how ot pass variables to sqlite
2016-05-18 Daniele PizzolliAdd caveats about uft-8 strings
2016-05-17 tsdyeMerge
2016-05-17 tsdye* org-contrib/babel/languages/
2016-04-12 tsdyeMention SLY.
2016-03-26 Thierry Banelsmall cleanups of babel C, C++, D documentation
2016-03-26 Thierry Baneldocument :libs optional paremeter in babel C, C++
2016-01-09 Kyle Update shell identifier
2015-12-24 Robert Kleinmove link targets out of comments
2015-12-24 Robert Kleinfix web links
2015-10-02 tsdyeAdd elixir to supported Babel languages
2015-09-23 Ista ZahnAdd documentation link for ob-axiom.el
2015-09-23 Ista ZahnAdd documentation link for ob-prolog.el
2015-09-23 Ista ZahnAdd documentation link for ob-sml.el
2015-09-13 ChasMillarAdd documentation for ob-rec.el
2015-09-12 ChasMillarCorrected recposition in Babel languages, emacs package...
2015-09-12 ChasMillarAdd GNU recutils to Babel languages, emacs packages
2015-09-11 tsdyeInstructions for finding ob-template.el
2015-09-03 Kyle MeyerAdd documentation for
2015-08-23 tsdyeFix broken links in ob-doc-oz
2015-08-23 tsdyeFixed broken links in ob-doc-mathomatic
2015-08-23 tsdyeFixed image widths in ob-doc-gnuplot
2015-08-23 tsdyeFixed broken link in Babel language table
2015-08-23 tsdyeAdded links to Babel language documentation
2015-08-23 tsdyeInformation on some Babel languages
2015-08-22 tsdyeAdded build system link to babel language footnote
2015-08-22 tsdyeAdd stubs for Babel languages
2015-07-27 tsdyeNote about gnuplot :sessions
2015-06-11 tsdyeRemove section on ggplot (redundant)
2015-06-11 tsdyeHow to print grid based graphics to file
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2015-05-15 BastienFix link
2015-05-15 BastienFix link
2015-05-15 BastienFix link
2015-05-15 BastienFix link
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2015-05-09 Joe Cornelinote that background fontification no longer works
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2015-03-18 Grégoire Jadiorg-contrib/babel/languages/ Update...
2014-12-22 Rafael LaboissiereEnsure that HTML link appears inline instead in block...
2014-12-22 Rafael LaboissiereFix URL for file in the Git repository of org-mode
2014-10-05 tsdyeUpdated babel example "Data Summaries Using R"
2014-08-20 Ista export example results
2014-08-20 Ista update todo list
2014-08-20 Ista add entry for ob-doc-stata.el.
2014-08-20 Ista ZahnAdd documentation for contributed ob-stata.el.
2014-08-09 Eric Schultemention forth in supported languages
2014-06-26 David Arroyo MenendezMerge branch 'master' of
2014-06-09 Thierry update documentation of Babel C, C++d D
2014-05-09 Rüdiger Sonderfeldob-template.el: Fix two docstring errors.
2014-03-20 Ilya Shlyakhteradded references to a large literate programming projec...
2014-03-01 Thomas DyeIndicate languages in contrib
2014-02-28 Thomas DyeJulia is in contrib
2014-02-28 Thomas DyeAdded Julia to babel languages
2014-02-02 Greg RavenRevised Clojure requirements
2014-02-02 Greg RavenMinor edits; indented code
2014-02-02 Greg RavenMinor edits; indented code
2014-01-28 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-28 Greg RavenMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-28 Greg RavenUpdate Clojure code block tutorial with CIDER
2014-01-26 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-26 Thierry Banelan enhanced version of Babel C, C++, D under evaluation
2014-01-26 Thomas DyeA bit more detail about graphviz-dot-mode.
2014-01-26 Thomas DyeAdded reference to graphviz-dot-mode.el
2014-01-12 Thierry BanelMerge Babel D documentation with Babel C & C++
2014-01-09 Thomas DyeNoted that ob-gnuplot depends on ob-gnuplot.el
2014-01-06 Chris WitternAdopted the fibonacci example to Org 8.x syntax
2013-12-29 Thomas DyeMore small changes to
2013-12-29 Thomas DyeCosmetic edits to
2013-12-29 Thomas DyeAdded link to SQLite documentation.
2013-12-28 Thomas DyeDocumentation for ob-sqlite.el.
2013-12-27 Miro Bezjakob-scala.el doesn't actually depend on scala-mode.
2013-12-27 Miro BezjakMention the fact that babel also support scala.
2013-12-25 Thierry BanelMove support for D language to ob-C.el
2013-12-24 Oleh KrehelAdd documentation for J language Babel support.
2013-12-14 Thierry BanelD support merged into ob-D.el
2013-12-01 Thierry Banelmove ob-D.el to the orgmode contrib/lisp/ directory
2013-11-30 Thomas DyeMinor edits
2013-11-30 Thierry BanelBabel support for D language added in the list of suppo...
2013-11-29 Thierry Banelbetter looking ob-doc-D
2013-11-29 Thierry Baneladded documentation for D language Babel support, along...
2013-11-28 Thomas DyeAddition from the ML
2013-10-07 Thomas DyeFixed typo
2013-10-07 Thomas DyeEdits to
2013-10-06 Thomas DyeAdd to the language list
2013-10-06 Thomas DyeMerge branch 'master' of
2013-10-06 Thomas DyeFirst draft of documentation for sql code blocks