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2011-12-10 Bastien GuerrySmall update of a few index entries.
2011-12-10 Bastien GuerryAdded a few index entries. (Work in progress.)
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2011-03-18 Nick DokosReformat line to avoid misinterpretation as numbered...
2011-01-19 Matt LundinMinor changes to introduction of glossary.
2011-01-19 Matt LundinChange depth of toc entries in org-glossary to 1
2011-01-19 Matt LundinRemoved folding from org-glossary.
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2009-09-29 Carsten DominikMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://repo.or.cz/srv/git...
2009-09-18 Matt LundinFixed keybindings archive.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinFixed typo.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinCleaned up glossary file.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinFixed typo in deadlines entry.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinFixed incorrect keybinding for archive.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinFixed markup for docstring example.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinGot rid of accidental COMMENT keyword.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinAdded entry on DEADLINE.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinA few more fixes to tags entry.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinGot rid of some extra lines.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinAdded an entry on tags.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinAdded uses to the agenda.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinFixed some small typos.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinTurned of subscipts.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinMinor change.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinMinor changes to drawers entry.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinChanges to docstring entry.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinAdded entry on inheritance.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinMade items awaiting definitions visible.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinMinor changes.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinMinor changes to archiving entry.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinAdded entry on "docstring"
2009-09-17 Matt LundinAdded entry on drawers.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinReorganized subheadings of each glossary entry.
2009-09-17 Matt LundinAdded property entry.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinAdded introduction to org-glossary.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinGot rid of info.js.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinFinished tips on agenda files.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinA few minor fixes.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinShortened title.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinVery small fix in list.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinCreated brief entries for entry and tree.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinAdded org-info.js options and tips on organizing agenda...
2009-09-16 Matt LundinAdded uses to headlines.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinAdded entry on archive.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinA few minor fixes.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinAdded information about moving headlines.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinAdded line about level.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinAdded entry on headlines.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinChanged title.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinAdded categories.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinAdded agenda and agenda files.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinHid unfinished entries.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinAdded a couple new entries.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinFinished todo keyword entry.
2009-09-16 Matt LundinRearranged glossary and worked on TODO keywords.
2009-09-16 Bastien GuerryAdded a first draft for org-glossary.