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2015-02-13 David Arroyo... org-effectiveness.org: upgrade tutorial
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2015-01-08 Thierry Banelkey binding change + related work for ascii-plot
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2015-01-05 David Arroyo... add madrid orgcamp photos
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2014-12-07 Marc-Oliver IhmRemoved org-index.org, which is now covered by commenta...
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2014-12-07 Rafael LaboissiereFix spelling and grammar typos
2014-12-07 Rafael LaboissiereUse "send-email" instead of "send-mail" git sub-command
2014-12-03 Nicolas Goaziouorg-export-reference: Remove `org-export-get-genealogy'
2014-12-01 Puneeth ChagantiOrg-drill uses || instead of | for cloze hints.
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2014-11-15 David Arroyo... Revision of chapter 11.
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2014-11-13 David Arroyo... Chapter 10 reviewed.
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2014-11-09 David Arroyo... orgguide/orgguide.es.po: full revision "Estructura...
2014-11-09 David Arroyo... orgguide/TODO.org: Reviewed "Estructura del documento".
2014-11-08 Nicolas Goaziouorg-contribute: Add Mario Frasca
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2014-10-28 Nicolas Goaziouorg-syntax: Update node properties syntax
2014-10-28 Nicolas Goaziouorg-syntax: Update property drawer syntax
2014-10-24 Nicolas Goaziouorg-export-reference: Small update about communication...