2014-03-18 David Arroyo... davidam.el: some numbers disturbing ...
2014-03-18 David Arroyo... davidam.el: fixed davidam-org-envolve-numbered-list
2014-03-17 David Arroyo... Merge branch 'master' of orgmode.org:worg
2014-03-17 David Arroyo... davidam.el: add davidam-org-envolve-numbered-list
2014-03-17 tsdyeShortened the description of the PLOS One template
2014-03-15 Bastien GuerryFix previous commit
2014-03-15 Bastien GuerryFix previous commit
2014-03-15 Bastien GuerryAdd a new quote by Lawrence Bottorff
2014-03-15 Bastien GuerryEnhance org-contribute.org
2014-03-14 Bastien GuerryLink to code/awk/ical2org.awk (don't include it)
2014-03-14 Nicolas RichardRemove useless uses of quotes in front of lambdas
2014-03-12 Bastien GuerryAdd Miro Bezjak to the list of signed contributors
2014-03-08 tsdyeTemplate for PLOS ONE journal article
2014-03-03 Bastien GuerryFix link
2014-03-02 Nicolas Richardfix link to John Wiegley's tutorial "Org as a day planner"
2014-03-01 Thomas DyeIndicate languages in contrib
2014-02-28 Thomas DyeJulia is in contrib
2014-02-28 Thomas DyeAdded Julia to babel languages
2014-02-28 Nicolas Goaziouorg-contribute: Add Joe Hirn to the list of contributors
2014-02-27 David Arroyo... First Madrid
2014-02-27 David Arroyo... add orgcamp in madrid
2014-02-24 William Denmanads more info to org-page
2014-02-24 William Denmanadds new blogging platform (org-page) to the list
2014-02-23 Juan ReyeroAdded pointers to org-jekyll and ox-leanpub
2014-02-23 Nicolas GoaziouAdd Richard Lawrence to contributors
2014-02-21 Erik Hetznerspell checking my own name (!)
2014-02-21 Erik HetznerAdd entry in tutorial index.org for weaving-a-budget.org
2014-02-21 Erik Hetzneradd weaving a budget tutorial
2014-02-18 Josiah Schwabclose issue #12 in org issues
2014-02-06 rasmusfix issues in KOMA article
2014-02-06 rasmusFix link in KOMA-script article
2014-02-06 rasmusMove koma-file to the img-folder
2014-02-06 Alan Schmittfixing typos in koma-letter-export
2014-02-06 Alan Schmittsmall changes to ox-koma-letter tutorial
2014-02-06 RasmusUpdated tutorial for ox-koma-letter
2014-02-03 Alan Schmittfixing the hack to include external text fragments...
2014-02-02 Greg RavenRevised Clojure requirements
2014-02-02 Greg RavenMinor edits; indented code
2014-02-02 Greg RavenMinor edits; indented code
2014-02-02 John HendersonUpdated contributing instructions to specify =git commi...
2014-02-02 Thomas DyeFixed typo in anno-bib-template-worg.org
2014-02-02 Thomas DyeMinor edit to anno-bib-template-worg.org
2014-02-02 Thomas DyeTemplate for exporting an annotated bibliography
2014-02-01 Alan Schmitthack describing how to include external text fragments...
2014-01-31 Nick DokosMinor editing for clarification
2014-01-31 Nick DokosAdd link to Nicolas's announcement describing the new...
2014-01-31 Bastien GuerryFix skeleton link
2014-01-28 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'master' of orgmode.org:worg
2014-01-28 Greg RavenMerge branch 'master' of orgmode.org:worg
2014-01-28 Greg RavenUpdate Clojure code block tutorial with CIDER
2014-01-28 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'master' of orgmode.org:worg
2014-01-28 Aurélien Aptelorgsync: describe a bit more the current status
2014-01-27 Nicolas Goazioufilter-markup: Remove "macro" and "quote section" filters
2014-01-27 Nicolas Goaziouorg-export-reference: Remove reference to quote sections
2014-01-27 Nicolas Goaziouorg-syntax: Remove reference to quote sections
2014-01-26 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'master' of orgmode.org:worg
2014-01-26 Thierry Banelan enhanced version of Babel C, C++, D under evaluation
2014-01-26 Thomas DyeA bit more detail about graphviz-dot-mode.
2014-01-26 Thomas DyeAdded reference to graphviz-dot-mode.el
2014-01-22 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'master' of orgmode.org:worg
2014-01-22 Josiah SchwabFix links broken because of escaping.
2014-01-21 Josiah Schwaborg-faq: fix broken link
2014-01-20 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'master' of orgmode.org:worg
2014-01-19 Nicolas Goaziouorg-contribute: Add Sylvain Chouleur to contributors
2014-01-17 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'master' of orgmode.org:worg
2014-01-17 Nicolas GoaziouUpdate koma-letter export tutorial
2014-01-14 Bastien Guerryorg-column-view-tutorial.org: Fix typos
2014-01-12 Thierry BanelMerge Babel D documentation with Babel C & C++
2014-01-11 Nicolas Goaziouorg-syntax: Update sub/superscript syntax
2014-01-09 Thomas DyeNoted that ob-gnuplot depends on ob-gnuplot.el
2014-01-08 Leslie H. Watterfixing typo on org-8.0 latex and beamer attribute options
2014-01-08 Bastien GuerryAdd Justin Gordon to the list of signed contributors
2014-01-08 Ian KellingFix org-drill.org example and html formatting.
2014-01-06 Christian GiménezA tutorial with full explanation about synching with...
2014-01-06 Chris WitternAdopted the fibonacci example to Org 8.x syntax
2014-01-04 Bastien GuerryFix org-tutorials/orgtutorial_dto*
2014-01-03 Marc-Oliver IhmUpdated org-contrib.org for Version 2.4 of org-index.el
2014-01-02 Eric Schulteudpated org-ehtml
2014-01-01 Nick DokosAdd a warning note to org-special-blocks.org - some...
2013-12-31 Nick DokosAdd warning about template use
2013-12-29 Nicolas Goaziouorg-contribute: Add Vladimir Lomov to TINYCHANGE contri...
2013-12-29 Thomas DyeMore small changes to languages.org
2013-12-29 Thomas DyeCosmetic edits to languages.org
2013-12-29 Thomas DyeAdded link to SQLite documentation.
2013-12-28 Thomas DyeDocumentation for ob-sqlite.el.
2013-12-27 Miro Bezjakob-scala.el doesn't actually depend on scala-mode.
2013-12-27 Miro BezjakMention the fact that babel also support scala.
2013-12-25 Thierry BanelMove support for D language to ob-C.el
2013-12-24 Oleh KrehelAdd documentation for J language Babel support.
2013-12-22 Bastien GuerryRevert "Add Thierry B. to the list of FSF-signed contri...
2013-12-22 Bastien GuerryAdd Thierry B. to the list of FSF-signed contributors
2013-12-21 Eric Schulteadded Thierry Banel to FSF-assigned contributors
2013-12-21 Thierry Banelseparate orgtbl-ascii-plot package into pure ascii...
2013-12-18 Alan Schmittox-koma exporter:
2013-12-18 James RichardsonAdd link to James Richardson's personal homepage
2013-12-17 Bastien GuerryFix links to my homepage.
2013-12-14 Thierry BanelD support merged into ob-D.el
2013-12-12 Thierry Banelorgtbl-ascii-plot, take table header (if any) into...
2013-12-08 Thierry Banelcosmetic changes in table ascii plots
2013-12-08 Thierry Banelnew unicode characters in table ascii plots