2 days ago RasmusMerge branch 'maint' of into maint maint
2 days ago Rasmusox-latex: Detect languages irrespective of case
2 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Fix 4914f89
2 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-list: Fix `org-list-send-list' in LaTeX buffers
3 days ago Rasmusox-html: Find preamble-spec case-insensitively
4 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Fix DEL using orgtbl minor mode in prog...
4 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Fix orgtbl-self-insert-command on white...
6 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-agenda: Fix agenda filter by empty tag string
9 days ago Phil Hudsonorg-capture: Support all capture template target-file...
9 days ago Kyle MeyerFix remaining declare-function issues
9 days ago Kyle Meyerorg-compat: Quiet font-lock-fontify-buffer warning
9 days ago Kyle Meyerorg-compat: Check for w32-focus-frame
9 days ago Kyle Meyerorg-gnus: Check nnimap-group-overview-filename
9 days ago Kyle MeyerFix up last backport
9 days ago Paul EggertBackport commit 65c8c7c from Emacs
11 days ago Arun Isaacox-rss: Prevent dropping lower level headlines
13 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-agenda: Fix `org-agenda-bulk-custom-functions'...
13 days ago Nicolas Goaziouorg-clock: Fix `org-clock-drawer-name'
2016-05-10 Nicolas Goaziouorg-clock: Fix generated drawer when `org-clock-into...
2016-05-05 Nicolas GoaziouFix `org-occur' when regexp matches a single char
2016-05-05 Nicolas GoaziouFix `org-occur' when called non-interactively
2016-05-04 Nicolas Goaziouorg-agenda: Fix error on empty headlines
2016-04-30 Nicolas GoaziouFix `org-flag-drawer' with optional argument
2016-04-28 Nicolas GoaziouFix multiple groups of mutually exclusive tags
2016-04-26 Nicolas GoaziouFix storing links to headlines containing multiple...
2016-04-26 Nicolas GoaziouFix links to elements with a name
2016-04-26 Nicolas Goaziouox-ascii: Fix spurious links
2016-04-23 Kyle Meyerorg-yank: Correct docstring
2016-04-19 Nicolas Goaziouox-odt: Fix styles location
2016-04-18 Nicolas GoaziouRemove duplicate candidates when setting tags
2016-04-16 Nicolas GoaziouFix "Invalid time zone specification" error
2016-04-16 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Fix typo
2016-04-14 Nicolas GoaziouFix typo
2016-04-13 Nicolas Goaziouorg-capture: Fix invalid table line specification
2016-04-13 Nicolas Goaziouox-ascii: Fix export of links in headlines
2016-04-11 Kyle MeyerUpdate format-time-string calls for argument change
2016-04-08 Nicolas Goaziouorgguide: Fix mis-uses of itemx
2016-04-06 Nicolas Goaziouox-texinfo: Fix erroneous count of blank lines in menu
2016-03-30 Nicolas Goaziouox-html: Fix planning info export
2016-03-30 Nicolas GoaziouFix indentation bug
2016-03-28 Nicolas Goaziouox-html: Fix Usenet links
2016-03-25 Thierry Banelob-C: use size_t in babel D
2016-03-25 Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Add tests
2016-03-25 Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Fix docstrings
2016-03-25 Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Fix #ERROR in table formula with "@>"
2016-03-25 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Fix typo
2016-03-24 Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Silence byte-compiler
2016-03-24 Nicolas Goaziouorg.texi: Fix typo
2016-03-24 Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Fix LaTeX snippets in radio tables
2016-03-17 Nicolas GoaziouRemove failing test
2016-03-17 Nicolas GoaziouFix indentation bug
2016-03-16 M. P. Ashtonox-confluence: Do not generate filled paragraphs
2016-03-16 Nicolas Goaziouorg-agenda: Fix bulk re-scheduling
2016-03-14 Rafael LaboissiereDocument the lack of evaluation of inline code blocks...
2016-03-12 Kyle MeyerFix docstring typo
2016-03-12 Kyle Meyerorg.texi: Fix org-timer-pause-or-continue's key
2016-03-12 Kaushal ModiDisplay quotes in key-bindings as straight quotes
2016-03-10 Nicolas Goaziouox: Fix smart quotes within tables
2016-03-10 Nicolas Goaziouorg-crypt: Decrypt entries with a properties drawer
2016-03-10 Nicolas Goaziouorg-crypt: Do not encrypt properties drawers
2016-03-04 Nicolas GoaziouFix typo
2016-03-02 Kyle Meyerorg-eval-in-calendar: Fix docstring
2016-03-01 Nicolas GoaziouFix return value for `org-get-outline-path'
2016-02-29 Nicolas GoaziouFix `org-get-outline-path'
2016-02-27 Nicolas Goaziouox-latex: Remove spurious newline in labels
2016-02-25 Nicolas GoaziouFix `org-link-display-format'
2016-02-25 Nicolas GoaziouSilence byte-compiler
2016-02-25 Nicolas GoaziouTiny refactoring
2016-02-25 Nicolas GoaziouFix `org-refile-get-targets'
2016-02-22 Jason Furtneyorg.el: Fix typo in `org-previous-visible-heading' release_8.3.4
2016-02-19 Austin Walkerox-html.el: Fix TOC export of TODO headlines
2016-02-19 BastienFix links in the table of contents of the HTML manual...
2016-02-11 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Fix search failed error in `org-element...
2016-02-10 Nicolas Goaziouorg-archive: Speed-up archiving subtrees
2016-02-09 Nicolas Goaziouox-odt: Fix End of file during parsing error
2016-02-09 Alan MackenzieBackport commit ec90220 from Emacs
2016-02-07 Kyle Meyerorg-capture: Document org-directory
2016-02-06 Aaron Ecayob-core: fix bug when source block is at bob
2016-02-05 Nicolas GoaziouRemove `org-latex-fragment-image-overlays'
2016-02-05 Nicolas GoaziouSilence byte-compiler
2016-02-04 Nicolas GoaziouRemove LaTeX overlay when text below is modified
2016-02-04 Kyle Meyerorg-agenda: Fix org-agenda-filter-by-tag-refine
2016-02-04 Kyle MeyerFix "it's" typos
2016-02-02 Nicolas Goaziouorg-compat: Fix error on newest Emacsen (>= 25)
2016-01-31 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Disable cache for orgstruct-mode
2016-01-31 Nicolas Goaziouob-tangle: Fix :comment org behavior
2016-01-31 Nicolas Goaziouox-latex: Fix numbering of source blocks
2016-01-31 Nicolas Goaziouox-html: Properly encode links without a description
2016-01-31 Nicolas Goaziouob-core: Silence byte-compiler
2016-01-31 Nicolas Goaziouob-tangle: Fix `org-babel-tangle-jump-to-org'
2016-01-31 Nicolas Goaziouob: Fix `org-babel-update-block-body'
2016-01-29 Kyle Meyerorg-src: Use font-lock-ensure to highlight blocks
2016-01-29 Kyle Meyerorg-compat: Update font-lock-ensure alias
2016-01-28 Nicolas Goaziouorg-macro: Fix expansion in narrowed buffers
2016-01-26 Nicolas Goaziouorg-table: Fix table formulas editing
2016-01-26 Anthony Cowleyox-latex: PDF generation timestamp check
2016-01-26 Kyle Meyerob-core: Fix comment typo from Emacs's 1203e8a
2016-01-26 Stefan MonnierBackport commit 1203e8a from Emacs
2016-01-25 Rafael LaboissiereFix logic when activating plain links
2016-01-25 Nicolas GoaziouTiny refactoring