2014-06-23 Matt LundinFix speedkeys to move subtrees up and down beta_8.3 release_8.3beta
2014-06-23 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Fix cache
2014-06-23 Rasmusox-latex.el: Extends `org-latex-logfiles-extensions'
2014-06-23 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-23 Bastien GuerryFix typos: backport revision r117377 from emacs trunk release_8.2.7b
2014-06-22 Eric Schultemap alternate code blocks shell names to sh-mode
2014-06-22 Achim Gratzorg: correct package-version for org-structure-template...
2014-06-22 Aaron Ecaylisp/ox-latex.el (org-latex-logfiles-extensions): add...
2014-06-22 Aaron Ecayorg.el: insert missing quote
2014-06-22 Aaron Ecaycontrib/lisp/ox-extra.el: fix typos/thinkos
2014-06-22 Aaron Ecaycontrib/lisp/ox-extra.el: new file
2014-06-22 Aaron EcayRemove another vestige of org-mtags
2014-06-22 Aaron Ecayorg-mtags: remove
2014-06-20 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-20 Bastien Guerryorg.el: Delete `org-fix-ellipsis-at-bol'
2014-06-19 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Tweak cache parameters
2014-06-19 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Optimize cache
2014-06-19 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Sync cache after changes instead of before...
2014-06-19 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Extend format for cache sync requests
2014-06-19 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Tiny refactoring
2014-06-19 Nicolas Goaziouox-koma-letter: Small fix
2014-06-18 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-18 IOhannes m... ox-koma-letter.el (koma-letter): Use `org-koma-letter... release_8.2.7a
2014-06-18 Nicolas Goaziouox: Small refactoring
2014-06-18 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Properly parse headline properties
2014-06-18 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Do not expand file name when parsing links
2014-06-17 Grégoire Jadicontrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Factorize the constructio...
2014-06-17 Grégoire Jadicontrib/lisp/org-contacts.el: Add a hook to allow users...
2014-06-16 Thierry BanelMake C, C++, D, Java, Groovy compilers customizable
2014-06-16 Bastien Guerryorg-agenda.el (org-agenda-filter-by-tag): Don't refresh...
2014-06-16 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-16 Bastien Guerryorg-agenda.el (org-agenda-filter-apply): Fix setting...
2014-06-15 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-15 Bastien Guerryorg.el (org-fontify-meta-lines-and-blocks-1): Fix handl...
2014-06-15 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-15 Bastien Guerryorg-agenda.el (org-cmp-ts): Fix agenda entry type checking
2014-06-15 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'master' of
2014-06-15 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-15 Bastien Guerryorg-agenda.el (org-entries-lessp): Fix inactive timesta...
2014-06-15 Nicolas Goaziouox-beamer: Remove `org-beamer-insert-options-template'
2014-06-15 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-15 Bernt Hansenorg-macs: Remove restriction when locating markers
2014-06-14 Bastien Guerrycontrib/lisp/org-mac-link.el: Fix formatting
2014-06-14 Mike McLeanAdd DEVONthink Pro to Org Mac Link
2014-06-14 Bastien Guerryob-C.el: Tiny formatting fix
2014-06-13 Eric Schultefix bug in ob-C
2014-06-13 Bastien Guerryorg-gnus.el: silent compiler
2014-06-13 Bastien GuerryMinor code clean-up
2014-06-13 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-13 Eric Schultefix semi-backend bug in org-mime release_8.2.7
2014-06-13 Eric AbrahamsenCreate org-gnus links from original group, not virtual
2014-06-12 Eric Schultecustomizable parameter to raise more noweb errors
2014-06-12 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-12 Bastien GuerryFix 30220ff
2014-06-12 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-12 Bastien Guerryorg-agenda.el: Fix bug when redoing sticky agendas...
2014-06-12 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-12 Bastien GuerryPrefer `set-window-start' over `recenter' in some places.
2014-06-11 Nicolas GoaziouSmall optimization
2014-06-11 Nicolas Goaziouob-exp: Fix export error
2014-06-11 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-11 Bastien Guerryorg.el (org-insert-heading): Be more consistent in...
2014-06-10 Bastien Guerryorg.el (org-overview): Don't call `recenter'
2014-06-10 Bastien GuerryBackport change in r117298 from Emacs trunk
2014-06-09 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-09 Nicolas GoaziouFix `org-insert-heading' before first headline
2014-06-08 Thierry BanelBabel C, C++, D support for non-homogeneous input tables
2014-06-07 Achim Gratzob-exp: forward declare function
2014-06-07 Achim Gratzox: implement additional #+INCLUDE markup
2014-06-07 Eric Schultetangle option to not post-process tangle comments
2014-06-07 Eric Schulteawk code blocks handle tabular input
2014-06-07 Nicolas Goaziouorg-element: Small fix
2014-06-07 Alan Schmittorg-mac-link.el: Tweak AppleScript to grab
2014-06-06 Eric Schultefix a bug in new ob-awk code
2014-06-06 Eric Schulteimproved variable handling for awk code blocks
2014-06-06 Eric Schulteun-duplicate ditaa eps file name generation
2014-06-06 Anders Johanssongenerate intermediate EPS on ditaa pdf generation
2014-06-06 Eric Schultewhen present resolve orig-buffer headlines w/IDs
2014-06-06 Eric Schulteadd options to LaTeX bibtex cite: links
2014-06-06 Eric SchulteTODO in ob-exp.el
2014-06-05 Bastien GuerryRemove useless code
2014-06-03 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-03 Nicolas GoaziouFix typo
2014-06-03 Nicolas GoaziouMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-03 Nicolas Goaziouox: Fix priority bug in :title property
2014-06-02 Bastien Guerry.gitignore: Ignore ChangeLog files
2014-06-02 Bastien Guerrytesting/lisp/test-org.el: Update tests
2014-06-02 Achim Gratztesting/lisp/test-org: actually check that org-open...
2014-06-02 Achim GratzMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-02 Achim Gratzmk/ add testing/ directory to distribution...
2014-06-02 Achim GratzMakefile: remove empty line in help output
2014-06-02 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-02 Bastien Guerryorg-agenda.el (org-agenda-custom-commands-local-options...
2014-06-02 Bastien GuerryMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-02 Bastien Guerryorg.el: Fix setting and deleting properties with a...
2014-06-02 Jorge A. Alfaro... contrib/lisp/org-passwords.el: New file
2014-06-01 Michael BrandMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-01 Michael Brandorg.texi: Add f-1 to TBLFM example about nan
2014-06-01 Achim GratzMerge branch 'maint'
2014-06-01 Achim GratzReverting "org-footnote: forward declare functions"