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Org-Wikinodes API functions (org-wikinodes.el)

org-wikinodes-activate-links limit

Activate CamelCase words as links to Wiki targets.


Add wikinode CamelCase highlighting to org-font-lock-extra-keywords.


When on a headline that is a Wiki target, clear the cache.


Clear the cache where to find wiki targets.

org-wikinodes-follow-link target

Follow a wiki link to target.

This need to be found as an exact headline match, either in the current buffer, or in any .org file in the current directory, depending on the variable org-wikinodes-scope.

If a target headline is not found, it may be created according to the setting of org-wikinodes-create-targets.

org-wikinodes-get-links-for-directory dir

Return an alist that connects wiki links to files in directory dir.


Return a list of all wiki targets in the current buffer.


Check if the cursor is on a Wiki link and follow the link.

This function goes into org-open-at-point-functions.


Process Wiki links in the export preprocess buffer.

Try to find target matches in the wiki scope and replace CamelCase words with working links.

org-wikinodes-which-file target &optional directory

Return the file for wiki headline target directory. If there is no such wiki target, return nil.

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