org-mac-message.el – linking to messages in OS X

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The org-mac-message.el library provides various methods for linking to OS X messages from within org-mode.


  • To load org-mac-message.el by default:
    (add-to-list 'org-modules 'org-mac-message)

    Note that org-modules must be set before org-mode is loaded.

  • Configure the default account you would like to use:
    (setq org-mac-mail-account "account")


org-mac-message.el will create links with the format:


When followed, these links will open the relevant message in

New functions

Inserts formatted list of links at point to selected messages in

To ensure backwards compatability, (org-mac-message-insert-link) is aliased to this function.

(org-mac-message-insert-flagged (org-buffer org-heading))
Asks for an org buffer and heading within it. If the heading does not exist, create it at `point-max'.

Warning: the next step is destructive

Search for flagged mail in and insert a formatted list. Delete all message:// links within the heading's first level. of links under the specified heading.

If you have Growl installed, notifications will inform you of the progress of the AppleScript search.

(org-mac-message-get-links (select-or-flag)
Searches for selected messages or flagged messages in the account specified by org-mac-mail-account. Creates a formatted list of these links and copies them to the kill-ring.

Examples of usage

The following function will search the account Gmail for flagged messages and insert them in the org-mode buffer under the heading Flagged mail.

(defun my-mail-import ()
  (let ((org-mac-mail-account "Gmail"))
    (org-mac-message-insert-flagged "" "Flagged mail")))

This function could then be linked to from an org-mode buffer:


or set as a command in the agenda dispatcher:

(setq org-agenda custom-commands
      '(("F" "Import links to flagged mail" agenda ""

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