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4.3 External links

Org supports links to files, websites, Usenet and email messages, BBDB database entries and links to both IRC conversations and their logs. External links are URL-like locators. They start with a short identifying string followed by a colon. There can be no space after the colon. Here are some examples:          on the web
file:/home/dominik/images/jupiter.jpg     file, absolute path
/home/dominik/images/jupiter.jpg          same as above
file:papers/last.pdf                      file, relative path                         another Org file
docview:papers/last.pdf::NNN              open file in doc-view mode at page NNN
id:B7423F4D-2E8A-471B-8810-C40F074717E9   Link to heading by ID
news:comp.emacs                           Usenet link                   Mail link
vm:folder                                 VM folder link
vm:folder#id                              VM message link
wl:folder#id                              WANDERLUST message link
mhe:folder#id                             MH-E message link
rmail:folder#id                           RMAIL message link
gnus:group#id                             Gnus article link
bbdb:R.*Stallman                          BBDB link (with regexp)
irc:/                   IRC link
info:org:External%20links                 Info node link (with encoded space)

A link should be enclosed in double brackets and may contain a descriptive text to be displayed instead of the URL (see Link format), for example:

[[][GNU Emacs]]

If the description is a file name or URL that points to an image, HTML export (see HTML export) will inline the image as a clickable button. If there is no description at all and the link points to an image, that image will be inlined into the exported HTML file.