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4.4 Handling links

Org provides methods to create a link in the correct syntax, to insert it into an Org file, and to follow the link.

C-c l

Store a link to the current location. This is a global command (you must create the key binding yourself) which can be used in any buffer to create a link. The link will be stored for later insertion into an Org buffer (see below).

C-c C-l

Insert a link. This prompts for a link to be inserted into the buffer. You can just type a link, or use history keys up and down to access stored links. You will be prompted for the description part of the link. When called with a C-u prefix argument, file name completion is used to link to a file.

C-c C-l (with cursor on existing link)

When the cursor is on an existing link, C-c C-l allows you to edit the link and description parts of the link.

C-c C-o or mouse-1 or mouse-2

Open link at point.

C-c &

Jump back to a recorded position. A position is recorded by the commands following internal links, and by C-c %. Using this command several times in direct succession moves through a ring of previously recorded positions.