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Org is included in GNU Emacs.

If you already have Emacs installed, you can start using org-mode right away!

You can also install the latest stable version of Org via GNU ELPA by invoking M-x package-install RET org RET.

The bleeding-edge development version or Org is available on

You can clone the repo via:

~$ git clone

Worg has documentation about build options and about how to stay on the bleeding edge.

There are also many packages that augment Org available on GNU ELPA, NonGNU ELPA and MELPA.

Get started

Once you're ready to Org, check out the Quickstart page for an overview of the syntax.

Doom, Spacemacs, Scimax and popular configs

The Emacs starter kits Doom, Spacemacs and Scimax come with a curated set of packages and configurations that aim to enhance Org mode (and Emacs more generally) for particular use cases. They include Org along with integrations between org-mode and other modes (such as evil-mode). Here are links to the current packages included with Doom, and Spacemacs. Scimax is deeply integrated with Org so a good place to start is the manual. Doom installs a version of Org that is close to the development HEAD, while Spacemacs and Scimax track org elpa.

Starter kits often make significant changes to the default user experience for Emacs. If you are looking for something closer to vanilla Emacs there are popular configs such as Purcell's emacs.d that include org-mode customization and Org-related packages.

In Other Editors

While the full set of Org features is currently exclusive to Emacs, basic functionality for Org files has been implemented for a variety of editors. Here are some extensions for other editors that enable support for Org files.

orgmode.nvim, vim-orgmode, and org.vim
VS Code

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