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B.2 Pushing to MobileOrg

Org pushes files listed in org-mobile-files to org-mobile-directory. Files include agenda files (as listed in org-agenda-files). Customize org-mobile-files to add other files. File names will be staged with paths relative to org-directory, so all files should be inside this directory153.

Push creates a special Org file with custom agenda views defined by the user154.

Org writes the file, containing links to other files. MobileOrg reads this file first from the server to determine what other files to download for agendas. For faster downloads, MobileOrg will read only those files whose checksums155 have changed.



Symbolic links in org-directory should have the same name as their targets.


While creating the agendas, Org mode will force ID properties on all referenced entries, so that these entries can be uniquely identified if MobileOrg flags them for further action. To avoid setting properties configure the variable org-mobile-force-id-on-agenda-items to nil. Org mode will then rely on outline paths, assuming they are unique.


Checksums are stored automatically in the file checksums.dat.