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15.9 Using Org on a tty

Org provides alternative key bindings for TTY and modern mobile devices that cannot handle cursor keys and complex modifier key chords. Some of these workarounds may be more cumbersome than necessary. Users should look into customizing these further based on their usage needs. For example, the normal S-cursor for editing timestamp might be better with C-c . chord.

DefaultAlternative 1Speed keyAlternative 2
M-leftC-c C-x llEsc left
M-S-leftC-c C-x LL
M-rightC-c C-x rrEsc right
M-S-rightC-c C-x RR
M-upC-c C-x u Esc up
M-S-upC-c C-x UU
M-downC-c C-x d Esc down
M-S-downC-c C-x DD
S-RETC-c C-x c
M-RETC-c C-x m Esc RET
M-S-RETC-c C-x M
S-leftC-c left
S-rightC-c right
S-upC-c up
S-downC-c down
C-S-leftC-c C-x left
C-S-rightC-c C-x right