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ORG-INFO.JS: Changes

1. 2010-11-24 Benny Simonsen Part 1

  • classNames for T.O.C links to highlight the current page in the TOC.
  • Add hooks. Currently, names of OrgNode's and OrgHtmlManger's members are different in plain and compressed versions of the script (see "sed.txt"). Should we change that for some of them?

2. 2010-09-01 — t.TITLE

  • Make sure the correct heading is used as the org-html-manager.TITLE property.
  • Thanks to tgbit on for the hint.

3. 2010-04-24 — Valid CSS2 IDs

  • Changed org_html_manager::SID_REGEX to match valid CSS-IDs. Dots are not valid in IDs as of CSS 2 (see The regexp still supports the `old' style IDs we used to be backward compatible.
  • SECNUM_REGEX was not in use. Removed.

4. 2010-02-14 — Title and #sec-1 in plain view, TOC anywhere

  • Some corrections of indentation and obsolet comments.
  • Show the title in plain view mode, if showing the first section.
  • Make the initial scan work, even if the table of contents is somewhere else, but on top of the page. Honor the [TABLE-OF-CONTENTS] setting in Org-mode files this way.
  • Fix for different behaviour of Opera-10 when requesting a page with `#sec-1' jump target (any jump target for a tall section actually). Pressing the reload button caused Opera-10 to scroll the view to the sections heading in info view mode.

5. 2010-01-11

  • Chao Lu was right. The current behaviour of VIEW=content is not what the documentation promises. This is now fixed, finally.

    To open a section in `…html?VIEW=content' or `…html?VIEW=overview', one has to explicitly request a section like this:


  • Tags where not removed from local TOCs (sections with subsections). Fix Regexp and use the right one.
  • When loading a page with the `?VIEW=…' query parameters, navigating changed the view mode to one hard coded in the <head> section of the document, in case it were different. This is now fixed.

6. 2010-02-11

  • Inhibit reloading the page on startup. Fixes startup with `?VIEW=overview#sec-1'.

7. 2009-07-06

  • Existing access-keys now use the same keys as the shortcuts do.
  • When FIXEDTOC, re-focus the last link in the TOC when pressing `i'.
  • Allow TAB to traverse the TOC.

8. 2009-07-04

  • Jumping TOC. Seems fixed now (hopefully).
  • Added `W' for printing. For printing, the whole document has to be in plain view mode and expanded. Browsers print what's visible on screen only.

9. 2009-06-28

Show the version number below the shortcut table.

10. 2009-06-27

Bugfix for links nested in lists. Thanks to Xin Shi for finding this and sending a testfile.

11. 2009-06-25

  • Fix for start section. I a section was removed and the *.org file was published again, we saw an empty page when browsing to that old location (e.g. xy.html#sec-11). Now the first section is shown instead.

12. 2009-06-22

  • NOTE: now GPL 3
  • FIX: go to previous sibling, even if it's the first one.
  • Removed some more unused stuff and fixed typos (this.INPUT_FIELD, DEBUG…).
  • All names of regular expressions end in _REGEX.
  • FIX: Altering the history lead to jumping of the page.
  • Uppercase names everywehre. I want this to distinguish class fields from functions and temporary variables. Stay YUI compressor friendly when we shorten the names. Needed for the rest of the todays changes.
  • Replaced this. by a local variable where possible. Decreased org-info.js size by 1.8 Kb.
  • Add a Makefile target for realy small org-info.js. This is not exactly perfect, but decreases the resulting file by about 10 Kb.
  • Added to explain what happens here a bit.
  • Reworked the Docs. Oha, I wonder how noone complained about that…
  • FIX html tags in local toc.

13. 2009-06-17

  • Manipulate the histories current location. So if one clicks a link to an external file, the browser's `back' button will bring the user back to the last section visited in the file.
  • If one faces the internal histories end using `b' and `B', he may now go back/forward in the browsers history by repeatedly pressing `b' and `B' respectively.

14. 2009-04-22

  • Choose the human-readable IDs for links by regexp again.
  • Fix the `g' command.
  • Fix: still support old section IDs.

15. 2009-04-21 - Org-mode 6.26

  • New way to detect the IDs for sections. The script does not search for '#sec-' anymore. Instead, the new human readable IDs are used as well.

    To not break the old human readable IDs in anchors inside of headlines, those are still prefered.

  • org-info.js is now minified without obfuscation. This decreases the filesize by about 40%.

16. 2009-03-04 Mi

  • Fixed title. Title was not displayed in info-view-mode.
  • Title above is now optiona. Append \_title-above to your view option, to always leave the title alone: view:info\_title-above

17. 2009-03-03 Di

Org-mode v. 6.23, commit a68eb4b1e64cbe6e495fdd2c1eaf8ae597bf8602, introduced a new <div> element around all the body's contents. You'll need at least the changes from today (org-info.js v. from now on.

org-info.js v. is backward compatible with elder versions of Org-modes export.

18. 2009-02-01 So

  • Reuse the `ltoc' option for positioning the local toc. No local TOC stays the default. If a local TOC is shown, it's below the first text in a section by default. To display the local TOC above a sections text use

    org_html_manager.set("LOCAL_TOC", "above");

19. 2009-01-31 Sa

  • Fixed footnotes and back again.
  • You may now define, if the local TOC appears above or below the text of a section that preceeds the first subsection. Simply use something like this in the head of your HTML-files:

    org_html_manager.set("LTOC_BEFORE_TEXT", "0");

    If not set, the local TOC is placed directly beneeth the section's headline. The default is to place the local TOC beneeth the text.

  • FIX: Avoid footnote-ref IDs in links to named sections.

20. 2008-12-15 Mo

  • FIX: if non existent `#target', show the first section.
  • FIX: finaly make named anchors work.

21. 2008-12-14 So

Look for the id attribute for anchors to make named anchors work in XHTML.

22. 2008-12-10 Mi

  • Default for links created by the Script (`l' and `L') now use the first named target for section if any. I.e. use some.html#named instead of some.html#sec-3.1.2 where ever possible. This was a suggestion of Carsten Dominik.

23. 2008-12-09 Di

  • FIXED: named internal links in local TOC.
  • FIXED: internal links were not working.

24. 2008-11-11 Di

  • Footnotes working. It's a bit durty but works. Org-mode 6.12a required.

25. 2008-09-06 Sa

Toggle list items automatically
No need to create several sections with redundant content. Now the script handles exactly one plain list per section (the first one found) specially. The list items are displayed one by one.
Fixed some errors there and added a seperate section for presentation.

26. 2008-08-27 Mi

Move back and forth by double click and click.

27. 2008-08-25 Mo

Footnotes now working
Now convertLinks() converts footnote links too.

28. 2008-08-24 So

Wrap text before first headline in <p>
If you use org-info.js, the text before first headline is now wrapped into a p element: :<p id="text-before-first-headline"> text </p>
Tag index
C now shows an index based on tags. This was an idea of Rick Moynihan.
Fixed appearance of 'HELP' link et al
I.e. added href attribute instead of onclick.

29. 2008-08-03 So

Next and previous sibling
Shortcuts: 'N' and 'P'.

30. 2008-07-27 So

Close the minibuffer, when reading
do this, when a link ('next'…) is clicked.
Close help screen on ANY key press
…not only if a printable key was pressed.

31. 2008-07-25 Fr

Broken links for 'l' and 'L'
Thank's again to Carsten for reporting.
Startup help is now optional
We have a little 'HELP' link now to click on.

32. 2008-07-23 Mi

Any key to proceed
Now it's realy any key that shuts down the minibuffer.
More hardcoded styles
…to avoid a border around the input field in the minibuffer and too much padding in the minibuffers <td> elements.
Divide the script in sections

The script is now roughly devided in sections by form-feeds. Thus we can move section wise using the common emacs commands for this purpos ('M-x ]' and 'M-x ]'). This was done to ease editing of the script.

The sections are:

  1. The comment block on top of the file.
  2. Everything around OrgNodes.
  3. org_html_manager constructor and setup.
  4. org_html_manager folding and view related stuff.
  5. org_html_manager history related methods.
  6. org_html_manager minibuffer handling.
  7. org_html_manager user input.
  8. org_html_manager search functonality.
  9. org_html_manager misc.
  10. Global functions.

33. 2008-07-09 Mi

Missing shortcuts in help
'F' and 'B'.
Use two lines to be more verbose
Since the new read-mode, there are many occasions when you have to press RET to close the minibuffer. Thus we should always have a parenthesis saying 'press X to close'.
Implement the 'standard minibuffer'
A little bit more visible, two lines, a narrow gray border.
Scroll to the very top for sec. 0 in plain view mode
Scrolling the NODE.div into view seemed unnatural.
Standard height for minibuffer
This was done to hide and show the minibuffer quite correct.
Reduce flicker after reading
hideConsole() is only called, if the result of the last read command does not lead to an error. showConsole() looks, wether the the minibuffer is hidden.

34. 2008-06-26 Do

  • Stop searching empty strings.
  • Use the local stylesheet again.
  • One out of many ideas from Carsten. This one is cutomizable. Use org_html_manager.set("STARTUP_MESSAGE", "0"); to inhibit.

35. 2008-06-24 Di

'L' and 'l' use the new read mode
This means we may use CTRL-c to copy the link. Close the minibuffer using RET.
'L' and 'l' choose link type
If the search string is not empty, the visitor is prompted to choose between a link to the current section or an 'occur' link.
Error in docs
:Carsten Dominik schrieb: :> One more: :> :> index.html still says that "l" shows the list of shortcuts. This is no :> longer the case. :> :> - Carsten
Absolute path to stylesheet
Avoid missing stylesheet. Now this file links to the absolute URL.
RET hides minibuffer
…in every case now.
's RET' does the same as 'S'
One of the many good ideas of Carsten.
Implementation: if the search string has not changed, 's' and 'r' move on to the next/previous section. Else the current section is searched first.
Clear the search highlight
If a new search/occur is started, the search highlight is cleared. It may still be cleared by pressing 'c' (clear).
CSS styles renamed
All the style classes and IDs in use are renamed, to avoid clashing with styles in other packages in Worg.git/code/*. All the styles are now prefixed by org-info-js_.

36. 2008-06-23 Mo

Position of minibuffer
Typo. Fixed.
Remove nested search highlight
If searching for org and after that for rg, the highlight was not removed when pressing 'c' (clear search highlight). Fixed.
Build regexp from user input
To be able to search for e.g. '>' and '<' these characters are replaced with '&gt;' and '&lt;' respectively. It's now possible to search for the following characters: :< > \ = ? * + This is still a compromise since syntax highlighting is done using html tags. Thus searching for '<script' will not work for passages wehre the angle bracket has a different color than the word 'script'.
Occur mode
Press 'o' to get prompted for a string to search. The document switches to plain view mode and opens all sections containing the search string. Matches will be highlighted. Neither connected to the navigation history nor any special navigation so far. But you may walk through all the occurences using 'S' and 'R'.
URL suffix for occur
See section Section "Linking to Files using the Script" for an example.
Shortcut table
Thanks to Carsten Dominik for the great org radio table trick and the new shortcut table.

37. 2008-06-22 So

This update introduced some changes concerning keyboard shortcuts.

This one is not tested in IE yet!


You may use 's' to search forward and 'r' to search backwards. These two prompt for input. To repeat the last search, use 'S' and 'R' to search forward and backwards respectively. Use 'c' to remove all the match highlights.

Absolutely Beta…

Since 's' was the candidate for searching, it could no longer be used for the goto section command. This is now remapped to 'g' (goto).
No more popups
The minibuffer can be switched to read mode. Thus it may be used to read input. No need for popup windows (window.prompt()) anymore.

38. 2008-06-17 Di

New Variable org-export-section-number-format
Adjusted the script to detect the IDs correctly for use with the new OrgMode version 6.05 (the section number format can now be adjusted in OrgMode via org-export-section-number-format). This Change is backward compatible.
Display HTML links
'l' now displays a HTML link to the current section whereas 'L' now shows the OrgMode link. Thanks to Carsten for this idea.

39. 2008-05-23 Fr

  • T.O.C. fixed accidentally

40. 2008-05-18 So

Docs where wrong
Still some outdated stuff here.
Allow overwrites
Changed the code to explicitly allow a certain URL overwrite. Otherwise visitors could overwrite any variable internally used by the org_html_manger.

41. 2008-05-18 So

URL Parsing

Now the user may call the script and pass options to overwrite the authors settings using this syntax:


Some links for testing are provided in section "Linking to Files using the Script"

Focus the T.O.C.
'i' tries to focus the T.O.C. if FIXED_TOC is "1". This is still very primitive. Just the first step. 'i' simply focusses the first anchor in the T.O.C. Tabindexes empower the user to run through the links in the table of contents using the TAB key.
FIX: Show Start Section
The start section (index.html#sec-X.Y) was not shown in plain view mode. Now this section is always shown regardless of initial folding state and view mode.
FIX: Hitting 'u' several times
Hitting 'u' multiple times made the script focus the root node so that 'n' went to the first section. Fixed.
IE and onclick
Trying a different technique to make IE handle the clicks on headlines. Can't test this now in IE but don't want to forget the trick :)

42. 2008-05-16 Fr

Org Links
'l' prints an Org link in the minibuffer for copying to an org file. Currently it's only possible to copy the link using the mouse. A change of this is on my TODO list.

43. 2008-05-12 Mo

New key to go to the first section
Since 'i' now shows the T.O.C. there was a shortcut missing to go to the first section (which might as well be the T.O.C. if #+INFOJS_OPT: toc:t). This key is now 't' or '<'. For toggling the view mode, 'm' is used from now on.
New key for last section
'E' or '>' move to the last section.
To show the help screen one may use the '¿' key. The help-screen got upated using '&iquest;' now to avoid distorted displaying of this character.
Style class for the navigation bar in info view mode.
Documentation reworked. Should be fairly uptodate now.

44. 2008-05-12 Mo

Removal of Minibuffer
The minibuffer was not removed when unsing the mouse to navigate. Fixed.

45. 2008-05-09 Fr

First Section
'n' now unfolds the current section if folded when in plain view mode. Thus the first section will be shown after startup in folded view.
Startup in info view mode
This one was broken. Fixed.

46. 2008-05-04 So

OrgHtmlManager class
No more OrgHtmlManager class anymore. Script uses the :var orghtmlmanager = { property: value, * … * }; syntax now. This was done to avoid inheritance and instantiation of more than one OrgHtmlManager.
Help display
The displaying of Keyboard shortcuts now behaves like the (hidden) TOC. I.e. keyboard shortcuts are displayed when pressing '?' and any hidden again when pressing any key. The old view mode is restored when hiding the help display.
Fixed: external links
External links now work again.

47. 2008-05-02 Fr

Minibuffer Handling
If the document is neither in info view mode nor displayed with a fixed TOC, the minibuffer will be shown right above the current headline. This is not the final fix for this, but a work around for the wrong IE behaviout concerning position:fixed.
Keyboard Input on keypress
The script now takes the onkeypress function to read user input. This is more compatible then onkeydown or onkeyup. Thus the keys work now in IE too (and the '?' key in Firefox). Holding the 'n' key down for a while can be used for fast searching.
Scrolling in IE
…is fixed. But it is not possible to scroll in IE if FIXED_TOC is on.

48. 2008-04-17 Do

The option 'RUNS' is dropped now. The org_html_manager now tries to scan the document until it's entirely loaded. There is an internal limit now set to some hundred runs which will makes a max. ~2 minute scan phase.

49. 2008-04-15 Di

These two changes where ideas of Carsten Dominik.

Local TOC
…shows now subsections only.
Cut the TOC
Now the table of contents may be cutted to a certain depth. Navigation is not affected. The name of the new set() option is 'TOC\_DEPTH'.

50. 2008-04-13 So

Overall history
History now records all commands that change the current section.
Hide TOC but show when 'i' is pressed
The TOC is now always shown, when 'i' is pressed, even if hidden from the document. The fun is, that each following navigation command triggers a history-back event. This way the hidden TOC does not show up when moving in the history thereafter. Hence now it's possible to read section 5.1, take a short look in the TOC and the next 'n', 'p' or 'b' command takes you back to the section last visited (5.1 in this case).

51. 2008-04-09 Mi

Minibuffer fixed for IE
It now appears and hides again. Thanks to Tobias Prinz for the trick with negative margins.

52. 2008-04-06 So

  • Adjusted to new Setup Carsten Dominik added the new possibility to configure the script using typical org syntax. Users may even use customize to set up the script now. Names of options passed to the set() functions are now adjusted to the ones we discussed. Internal variable names where changed to reflect this change.
    • TODO search my mails to figure out the correct date!!!

53. 2008-03-31 Mo

Fixed subindexes
…when using HIDE\_TOC. First section had no subindex in this case.
Added key q
…to close the window.

54. << 2008-03-30 So >>

Internal links working
Internal links are now converted to work with this script. The user has to go back using the `=s=' key since the history is not updated. Could Browsers understand this? Or is there a possibility to catch the `/back/' button event?
is now working too. That is, http://path/to/org-file.html#sec-x.y.z makes the script displaying that section in the configured view mode.
Folding now on by default.
'v' and 'V' now scroll the window by the visible height of the document window. A little bit less though for better orientation.
Deleted setup section using export options template
This one was not working. I'm not shure it ever was… but I think so. I should look up this one in the documentation again.
Plain view mode is default
  • The view mode was dependend on the folding feature.
  • When folding was of an error was shown when trying to fold.

55. << 2008-03-23 So>>

Clicking a headline makes it the current section
and thus the candidate for displaying in next info view and the point from where 'next' and 'previous' work.

56. << 2008-03-22 Sa >>

TOC, title and global folding
The title was doubled in some cases. This should be fixed now. The TOC is now a node as all the other sections to.
Some more work on this. There seems to be some locale related problem concerning the keyboard input of a `?´ (help) in Firefox. Added a workaround for this one, but probably only working here.
(no term)
Documentation updated.
now with indentation. This demonstrates the folding somewhat better.
Hide T.O.C.
The table of contents can now be hidden completely due to the new option HIDE_TOC. Hence the documents have to be exported with T.O.C., but may be displayed without it.

57. << 2008-03-21 Fr >>

Commands reworked
The 'minibuffer' is now invisible by default. Commands can be entered into the document itself. Still, the chars entered are appended to the minibuffers contents, to keep the possibility to enter more complex commands in the future. The minibuffer is still needed for commands to work in firefox.
Section numbers are now read through window.prompt()
This was done to simplify the command interface code. Now the commands entered are just one char in length.
Global folding now working
There was not much to do left for this one to do.

58. << 2008-03-13 Do >>

Added new config options:

May be set, to link to an other file, preferably the main index page. This link will be displayed as :<a href="LINKUP">HOME</a> Command: 'h' - home

May be set, to link to an other file, preferably the main index page. This link will be displayed as :<a href="LINKTOMAIN">Up</a> Command: 'H' - HOME

This way we can link files into a tree, if all subdirectories in the project follow the same conventions. Like containing some subdir/ and a homepage somwhere else.

59. << 2008-03-12 Mi >>

First attempt to get the global folding working. Hmm.
New Commands
  • '?' - show the little help screen.
  • 'n' - go to next section.
  • 'p' - go to previous section.
  • 'i' - go to Index.
  • 'f' - fold current section when in plain view mode.
  • 'g' - fold globally when in plain view mode.
  • 'u' - up to parent section.
  • 't' - toggle view mode.
  • 'v' - scroll down.
  • 'V' - scroll up.

60. << 2008-03-11 Di >>

Radical code cleanup.
Removed unused variables and functions. More secure, less errorprone. This cood be even better.
(no term)
Org mode like toggling of headlines now basically works.
Commands can be input through a little 'minibuffer' on top of the screen.
This needs some special style settings for IE (position fixed). I will append a minimal stylesheet for this purpos the next days in this documentation for copy and paste. This is partially working. Implemented Commands are:
  • 'help' - show a little help screen. This done with alert() and thus a TODO.
  • 't' - toggle view mode.
  • 'k' - kill the minibuffer.
  • 'N' - where N is a section number: goto section N. This could be working in both modes very easy, but currently also only in info view mode implemented.
(no term)
Code relies now on next generation XHTML-Export format.
Some kind of rudimentary debugging system.
May be turned on bei seting config options: :orghtmlmanager.set("WINDOWBORDER", "true"); :orghtmlmanager.set("DEBUG", orghtmlmanager.DEBUGFATAL);
Better way of configuration for the enduser. Fault tolerant. No undefined
variables when scanning starts. The users my use the set(key, value) function of the OrgHtmlManger class like this: :orghtmlmanager.set ( "LOCALTOC", 0); :orghtmlmanager.set ( "VIEWBUTTONS", "true"); :orghtmlmanager.set ( "FOLDING", "true"); :orghtmlmanager.set ( "MOUSEHINT", "underline"); :orghtmlmanager.set ( "CONSOLE", "true"); :orghtmlmanager.setup ();
New configuration accepts these options
Create subindexes for sections containing sections.
Show the small 'toggle view' link next to every Headline to toggle the view easily without scrolling back to top of the page in plain view mode.
This is for the new folding. Turn it on. This will be the default when the moving and toggling has an acceptable form.
I love this one. Accepts the keyword 'underline' or any other value. But if not 'underline', it should be a valid value to set the background-color in CSS. So preferebly something like '#eeeeee'. In plain view mode with toggle feature turned on the headline with mouse in it will be either hightlighted, if you pass a color, or underlined.
Display the minibuffer on top of the screen. Turn this one on. It's fun and you can kill it simply by pressing 'k'.
Set the initial view mode. Set to org\_html\_manager.PLAIN\_VIEW or org\_html\_manager.INFO\_VIEW.

Documentation from the website (either in its HTML format or in its Org format) is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3 or later. The code examples and css stylesheets are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 or later.