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Writing Beamer presentations in org-mode

Table of Contents



This presentation provides an illustration of some of the capabilities of the Beamer export in org mode:

  1. simple slides (this one),
  2. slides with special blocks,
  3. multi-column slides and
  4. the use of Babel for literate programming.

This file should be exported using M-x org-export-dispatch specifying l for \LaTeX{} and then P, for instance, to generate the PDF.


A simple slide

This slide consists of some text with a number of bullet points:

  • the first, very important, point!
  • the previous point shows the use of bold emphasis which is translated to a \alert{} directive in \LaTeX.

The above list could be numbered or any other type of list and may include sub-lists.

A more complex slide

This slide illustrates the use of Beamer blocks. The following text, with its own headline, is displayed in a block:

  • Org mode increases productivity   B_theorem
    • org mode means not having to remember \LaTeX commands.
    • it is based on ASCII text which is inherently portable.
    • Emacs!

    \hfill \(\qed\)

Two columns

  • A block   BMCOL
    • this slide consists of two columns
    • the first (left) column has no heading and consists of text
    • the second (right) column has an image and is enclosed in an example block
  • A screenshot   B_example BMCOL



This slide shows some code and resulting output using Babel. Note the specification of BEAMER_act property for the second column.

  • Octave code   BMCOL B_block
    A = [1 2 ; 3 4]
    b = [1; 1];
    x = A\b
  • The output   BMCOL B_block
    A =
       1   2
       3   4
    x =



  • org is an incredible tool for time management
  • but it is also excellent for writing and for preparing presentations
  • Beamer is a very powerful \LaTeX{} package for presentations
  • the combination is unbeatable!

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