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Org-Mode Survey Results - 2013


This file serves as a placeholder for the 2013 Org mode customization survey. Mike McLean ran the survey in November 2013 using a collector function provided by Carsten.

As of [2013-10-31 Thu], this is a placeholder only until the survey results are received and tabulated.

Contributors with abbreviations

The following people have sent in their customizations.

  • MM - Mike McLean


"Check email" - indicates a setting that is too long and/or personal to be of general use. Of course, it can still be accessed from email by knowing the submitter and variable name.

"Same" means that the user has set the variables to its default, probably because of playing with different values and the returning to the default. Such "customizations" have been taken out in the statistical data, but they are still present in the raw data table.

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