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org-checklist.el — org functions for checklist handling

1. General

org-checklist provides two actions which can be triggered when a task is marked done. These are:

  1. Clearing the state of all checkboxes in the task.
  2. Creating, and optionally printing, a file containing a copy of the task with all items in the checked state removed.

2. How to use it

2.1. Quick example

Load org-checklist as described in the next section. You will then need to create a recurring task.

* Morning routine
  SCHEDULED: <2009-02-19 Thu 08:00 +1d>
  - [ ] Shower
  - [ ] Brush teeth
  - [ ] Get dressed
  - [ ] Eat breakfast
  - [ ] Check email

Then add the property RESET_CHECK_BOXES with a value of t. When the item is marked done,

2.2. Loading it

org-checklist requires a2ps.

Ensure the org contrib directory is in load-path and add (require 'org-checklist) to your .emacs.

2.3. Configurable options

org-checklist has four main configurable options:

the format of the timestamp added to the export file. See format-time-string for valid % escapes.
org export function to use to create the printable version of the export file. Any of the org export functions will work. The default is org-export-as-ascii.
parameters for the export function. See the docs for the exporter you are using for useful values.
parameters for a2ps-print. If you choose to print the exported file, these parameters will be used in place of a2ps-switches.

3. Credits

org-checklist was written by James TD Smith

Documentation from the website (either in its HTML format or in its Org format) is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3 or later. The code examples and css stylesheets are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 or later.