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org-contacts.el – managing contacts information in Org mode

1. Intro

  • Managing contacts information in Org mode.
  • Recording contact info in Org mode.
  • Searching with command org-contacts.
  • Used as contacts database backend for email address completing in mu4e etc.
  • Export contacts to a vCard file.
  • Put birthdays in your Org Agenda.

2. Installation

Package has been submitted to NonGNU or MELPA. You can install it through those package sources.

3. Usage

More details you can check out org-contacts.el project page's

3.1. Search contact in org-contacts databse

Use command [M-x org-contacts] to search.

3.2. Complete contact property with some functions support

3.3. NAME

3.4. NICK

3.5. EMAIL


Documentation from the website (either in its HTML format or in its Org format) is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3 or later. The code examples and css stylesheets are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 or later.