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org-wikinodes.el – CamelCase wiki-like links to Org-mode nodes

1. Introduction

org-wikinodes.el implements CamelCase wiki-like links in Org mode. However, while most wiki implementations use files as the basic data unit, it is more natural for Org to use outline nodes.

org-wikinodes.el turns CamelCase words into links to CamelCase headlines and creates missing headlines if necessary.

2. Installation

Like with most contribued modules, just customize the variable org-modules and select the line for org-wikinodes.

If you want to use this module only in some files/directories but not in others, set your general preference in the variable org-wikinodes-active and then use Emacs file variables or directory-local variables to change things where necessary.

3. How to use this module

When this package is activated, any headlines that consist of only a single CamelCase word, optionally with a TODO keyword, a priority cookie and tags, are treated as a wiki node.

* TODO [#C] ThisIsAWikiNodeInOrgMode    :test:

Writing the CamelCase word plainly in the text will create a link to that node.

Following the link will jump to it, and you can return to the previous position with C-c &. If the target does not exist, it can be created. By default the user will be asked if the target should be created, but the exact behavior can be modified using the user option org-wikinodes-create-targets.

4. Wiki links across files

By default a match for a link is only attempted in the current file. However, you can make Org consider headlines in all org files in the same directory by setting

(setq org-wikinodes-scope 'directory)

In this case, to speed things up, a cache is created that remembers in which file a particular node can be found. The cache is updated directly if you create nodes automatically by following CamelCase links to non-existing headlines. However, if you create a new node by hand (just typing it), then you need to clear the cache before the node can be found from a link in a different file. To clear the cache, press C-c C-c in any headline that is just a CamelCase word.

5. Export and publishing

org-wikinodes.el fully supports export and publishing. Links will be functional in the published version of the files.

6. CamelCase words are hard to read

Yes, this is true. If you find this problematic, try glasses-mode which makes CamelCase words more readable by displaying them like Camel_Case.

7. Author

org-wikinodes.el was written by Carsten Dominik.

Documentation from the website (either in its HTML format or in its Org format) is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3 or later. The code examples and css stylesheets are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 or later.