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Org-Mode Reference Card

1. Getting Started

Key Function
M-x org-info To read the on-line documentation try

2. Visibility Cycling

Key Function
TAB rotate current subtree between states
S-TAB rotate entire buffer between states
C-u C-u TAB restore property-dependent startup visibility
C-u C-u C-u TAB show the whole file, including drawers
C-c C-r reveal context around point

3. Motion

Key Function
C-c C-n/p next/previous heading
C-c C-f/b next/previous heading, same level
C-c C-u backward to higher level heading
C-c C-j jump to another place in document
S-UP/DOWN previous/next plain list item

4. Structure Editing

Key Function
M-RET insert new heading/item at current level
C-RET insert new heading after subtree
M-S-RET insert new TODO entry/checkbox item
C-S-RET insert TODO entry/ckbx after subtree
C-c - turn (head)line into item, cycle item type
C-c * turn item/line into headline
M-LEFT/RIGHT promote/demote heading
M-S-LEFT/RIGHT promote/demote current subtree
M-S-UP/DOWN move subtree/list item up/down
C-c ^ sort subtree/region/plain-list
C-c C-x c clone a subtree
C-c C-x v copy visible text
C-c C-x C-w/M-w kill/copy subtree
C-c C-x C-y or C-y yank subtree
C-x n s/w narrow buffer to subtree / widen

5. Capture - Refile - Archiving

Key Function
C-c c capture a new item (C-u C-u = goto last)
C-c C-w refile subtree (C-u C-u = goto last)
C-c C-x C-a archive subtree using the default command
C-c C-x C-s move subtree to archive file
C-c C-x a/A toggle ARCHIVE tag / to ARCHIVE sibling
C-TAB force cycling of an ARCHIVEd tree

6. Filtering and Sparse Trees

Key Function
C-c / construct a sparse tree by various criteria
C-c / t/T view TODO's in sparse tree
C-c a t global TODO list in agenda mode
C-c a L time sorted view of current org file

7. Tables

7.0.1. Creating a table

  • C-c |: convert region to table
  • C-3 C-c | : separator at least 3 spaces

7.1. Commands available inside tables

The following commands work when the cursor is inside a table. Outside of tables, the same keys may have other functionality.

7.1.1. Re-aligning and field motion

Key Function
C-c C-c re-align the table without moving the cursor
TAB re-align the table, move to next field
S-TAB move to previous field
RET re-align the table, move to next row
M-a/e move to beginning/end of field

7.1.2. Row and column editing

Key Function
M-LEFT/RIGHT move the current column left
M-S-LEFT kill the current column
M-S-RIGHT insert new column to left of cursor position
M-UP/DOWN move the current row up/down
M-S-UP kill the current row or horizontal line
M-S-DOWN insert new row above the current row
C-c - insert hline below (C-u : above) current row
C-c RET insert hline and move to line below it
C-c ^ sort lines in region

7.1.3. Regions

Key Function
C-c C-x C-w/M-w/C-y cut/copy/paste rectangular region
C-c C-q fill paragraph across selected cells

7.1.4. Miscellaneous

Key Function
C-c ` edit the current field in a separate window
C-u TAB make current field fully visible
M-x org-table-export export as tab-separated file
M-x org-table-import import tab-separated file
C-c + sum numbers in current column/rectangle

To limit column width to N characters, use ... | <N> | ....

7.2. Tables created with the table.el package

Key Function
C-c ~ insert a new table.el table
C-c C-c recognize existing table.el table
C-c ~ convert table (Org-mode <-> table.el)

7.3. Spreadsheet

  • Formulas typed in field are executed by TAB, RET and C-c C-c.
  • = introduces a column formula, := a field formula.
  • Example: Add Col1 and Col2: =1+2
  • … with printf format specification: =1+2;%.2f
  • … with constants from constants.el: =1/c/cm
  • sum from 2nd to 3rd hline: :=vsum(@II..@III)
Key Function
= apply current column formula
C-c = set and eval column formula
C-u C-c # set and eval field formula
C-c * re-apply all stored equations to current line
C-u C-c * re-apply all stored equations to entire table
C-u C-u C-c * iterate table to stability
C-# rotate calculation mark through # * ! ^ _
C-c ? show line, column, formula reference
C-c }/{ toggle grid / debugger

7.4. Formula Editor

Key Function
C-c ' edit formulas in separate buffer
C-c C-c exit and install new formulas
C-u C-c C-c exit, install, and apply new formulas
C-c C-q abort
C-c C-r toggle reference style
TAB pretty-print Lisp formula
M-TAB complete Lisp symbol
S-cursor shift reference point
M-up/down shift test line for column references
M-S-up/down scroll the window showing the table
C-c } toggle table coordinate grid

8. Links

Key Function
C-c l globally store link to the current location
C-c C-l insert a link (TAB completes stored links)
C-u C-c C-l insert file link with file name completion
C-c C-l edit (also hidden part of) link at point
C-c C-o open file links in emacs
C-u C-c C-o …force open in emacs/other window
mouse-1/2 open link at point
mouse-3 …force open in emacs/other window
C-c % record a position in mark ring
C-c & jump back to last followed link(s)
C-c C-x C-n find next link
C-c C-x C-p find previous link
C-c ' edit code snippet of file at point
C-c C-x C-v toggle inline display of linked images

9. Working with Code (Babel)

Key Function
C-c C-c execute code block at point
C-c C-o open results of code block at point
C-c C-v c check code block at point for errors
C-c C-v j insert a header argument with completion
C-c C-v v view expanded body of code block at point
C-c C-v I view information about code block at point
C-c C-v g go to named code block
C-c C-v r go to named result
C-c C-v u go to the head of the current code block
C-c C-v n go to the next code block
C-c C-v p go to the previous code block
C-c C-v d demarcate a code block
C-c C-v x execute the next key sequence in the code edit bu
C-c C-v b execute all code blocks in current buffer
C-c C-v s execute all code blocks in current subtree
C-c C-v t tangle code blocks in current file
C-c C-v f tangle code blocks in supplied file
C-c C-v i ingest all code blocks in supplied file into the
C-c C-v z switch to the session of the current code block
C-c C-v l load the current code block into a session
C-c C-v a view sha1 hash of the current code block

10. Completion

In-buffer completion completes TODO keywords at headline start, TeX macros after `\', option keywords after `#-', TAGS after `:', and dictionary words elsewhere.

Key Function
M-TAB complete word at point

11. TODO Items and Checkboxes

Key Function
C-c C-t rotate the state of the current item
S-LEFT/RIGHT select next/previous state
C-S-LEFT/RIGHT select next/previous set
C-c C-x o toggle ORDERED property
C-c C-v view TODO items in a sparse tree
C-3 C-c C-v view 3rd TODO keyword's sparse tree
C-c , [ABC] set the priority of the current item
C-c , SPC remove priority cookie from current item
S-UP/DOWN raise/lower priority of current item
M-S-RET insert new checkbox item in plain list
C-c C-x C-b toggle checkbox(es) in region/entry/at point
C-c C-c toggle checkbox at point
C-c # update checkbox statistics (C-u : whole file)

12. Tags

Key Function
C-c C-q set tags for current heading
C-u C-c C-q realign tags in all headings
C-c \\ create sparse tree with matching tags
C-c C-o globally (agenda) match tags at cursor

13. Properties and Column View

Key Function
C-c C-x p/e set property/effort
C-c C-c special commands in property lines
S-left/right next/previous allowed value
C-c C-x C-c turn on column view
C-c C-x i capture columns view in dynamic block
q quit column view
v show full value
e edit value
n/p or S-left/right next/previous allowed value
a edit allowed values list
> / < make column wider/narrower
M-left/right move column left/right
M-S-right add new column
M-S-left Delete current column

14. Timestamps

Key Function
C-c . prompt for date and insert timestamp
C-u C-c . like C-c . but insert date and time format
C-c ! like C-c . but make stamp inactive
C-c C-d insert DEADLINE timestamp
C-c C-s insert SCHEDULED timestamp
C-c / d create sparse tree with all deadlines due
C-c C-y the time between 2 dates in a time range
S-RIGHT/LEFT change timestamp at cursor ±1 day
S-UP/DOWN change year/month/day at cursor by ±1
C-c > access the calendar for the current date
C-c < insert timestamp matching date in calendar
C-c C-o access agenda for current date
mouse-1/RET select date while prompted
C-c C-x C-t toggle custom format display for dates/times

14.1. Clocking time

Key Function
C-c C-x C-i start clock on current item
C-c C-x C-o/x stop/cancel clock on current item
C-c C-x C-d display total subtree times
C-c C-c remove displayed times
C-c C-x C-r insert/update table with clock report

15. Agenda Views

Key Function
C-c [ add/move current file to front of agenda
C-c ] remove current file from your agenda
C-' cycle through agenda file list
C-c C-x </> set/remove restriction lock
C-c a a compile agenda for the current week
C-c a t compile global TODO list
C-c a T compile TODO list for specific keyword
C-c a m match tags, TODO kwds, properties
C-c a M match only in TODO entries
C-c a # find stuck projects
C-c a L show timeline of current org file
C-c a C configure custom commands
C-c C-o agenda for date at cursor

15.1. Commands available in an agenda buffer

15.1.1. View Org file

Key Function
SPC/mouse-3 show original location of item
L show and recenter window
TAB/mouse-2 goto original location in other window
RET goto original location, delete other windows
C-c C-x b show subtree in indirect buffer, ded.\ frame
F toggle follow-mode

15.1.2. Change display

Key Function
o delete other windows
v view mode dispatcher
d w vm vy vSP switch to day/week/month/year/def view
D / G / K toggle diary entries / time grid / habits
E / R toggle entry text / clock report
l / v l/L/c toggle display of logbook entries
v a/A toggle inclusion of archived trees/files
r / g refresh agenda buffer with any changes
/ filter with respect to a tag
s save all org-mode buffers
f / b display next/previous day,week,…
. / j goto today / some date (prompt)

15.1.3. Remote editing

Key Function
0-9 digit argument
t change state of current TODO item
C-k kill item and source
/ a archive default
C-c C-w refile the subtree
: / T set/show tags of current headline
e set effort property (prefix=nth)
, / P set / compute priority of current item
S-UP/DOWN raise/lower priority of current item
C-c C-a run an attachment command
C-c C-s/d schedule/set deadline for this item
S-LEFT/RIGHT change timestamp one day earlier/later
> change timestamp to today
i insert new entry into diary
I / O / X start/stop/cancel the clock on current item
J jump to running clock entry
m / u / B mark / unmark / execute bulk action

15.1.4. Misc

Key Function
C-c C-o follow one or offer all links in current entry

15.1.5. Calendar commands

Key Function
c find agenda cursor date in calendar
c compute agenda for calendar cursor date
M show phases of the moon
S show sunrise/sunset times
H show holidays
C convert date to other calendars

15.1.6. Quit and Exit

Key Function
q quit agenda, remove agenda buffer
x exit agenda, remove all agenda buffers

16. LaTeX and cdlatex-mode

Key Function
C-c C-x C-l preview LaTeX fragment
TAB expand abbreviation (cdlatex-mode)
` / ' insert/modify math symbol (cdlatex-mode)
C-c C-x [ insert citation using RefTeX

17. Exporting and Publishing

Exporting creates files with extensions .txt and .html in the current directory. Publishing puts the resulting file into some other place.

Key Function
C-c C-e export/publish dispatcher
C-c C-e C-v export visible part only
C-c C-e # insert template of export options
C-c : toggle fixed width for entry or region
C-c C-x {\tt\char`\} toggle pretty display of scripts, entities
  1. Comments: Text not being exported

    Lines starting with # and subtrees starting with COMMENT are never exported.

    Key Function
    C-c ; toggle COMMENT keyword on entry

18. Dynamic Blocks

Key Function
C-c C-x C-u update dynamic block at point
C-u C-c C-x C-u update all dynamic blocks

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