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12.14.3 Texinfo file header

Upon creating the header of a Texinfo file, the back-end guesses a name for the Info file to be compiled. This may not be a sensible choice, e.g., if you want to produce the final document in a different directory. Specify an alternate path with #+TEXINFO_FILENAME keyword to override the default destination.

Along with the output file name, the header contains information about the language (see Export settings) and current encoding used1. Insert a #+TEXINFO_HEADER keyword for each additional command needed, e.g., @code{@synindex}.

If you happen to regularly install the same set of commands, it may be easier to define your own class in org-texinfo-classes. Set #+TEXINFO_CLASS keyword accordingly in your document to activate it.


[1] See org-texinfo-coding-system for more information.