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12.14.4 Texinfo title and copyright page

The default template includes a title page for hard copy output. The title and author displayed on this page are extracted from, respectively, #+TITLE and #+AUTHOR keywords (see Export settings). It is also possible to print a different, more specific, title with #+TEXINFO_PRINTED_TITLE keyword, and add subtitles with #+SUBTITLE keyword. Both expect raw Texinfo code in their value.

Likewise, information brought by #+AUTHOR may not be enough. You can include other authors with several #+SUBAUTHOR keywords. Values are also expected to be written in Texinfo code.

     #+AUTHOR: Jane Smith
     #+SUBAUTHOR: John Doe
     #+TEXINFO_PRINTED_TITLE: This Long Title@inlinefmt{tex,@*} Is Broken in @TeX{}

Copying material is defined in a dedicated headline with a non-nil :COPYING: property. The contents are inserted within a @copying command at the beginning of the document whereas the heading itself does not appear in the structure of the document.

Copyright information is printed on the back of the title page.

     * Copying
       :COPYING: t
       This is a short example of a complete Texinfo file, version 1.0.
       Copyright \copy 2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.