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Open issues

TODO `org-agenda-sorting-strategy' does not work in `tags-todo'   #29

TODO Clocktable error with multiple source files from parent dir   #28

TODO Background color reset for links and DONE headlines   #27

DELEGATED Better handling of fontenc in LaTeX export   #26

  • State "DELEGATED" from "TODO" [2013-09-25 Mi 10:06]
    Nicolas Girard is taking this up with TeX people The idea is to put LaTeX code that does do the decision on what kind of encapsulation should be used, based on the LaTeX processor that actually runs.

TODO org-clock-save.el state unwanted Resume clock prompt   #25

TODO Duplicate agenda entries when enabling archives-mode   #23

TODO How to trigger the clockcheck in an agenda view   #22

TODO org-cycle on hidden inline task makes also other inline tasks visible   #21

TODO user-chosen separator in org-table-convert-region   #20

TODO table.el complex tables and orgtbl-to-latex   #19

TODO org-capture doesn't narrow correctly if :prepend is t   #18

TODO flyspell check within source code blocks   #17

TODO makes ido think that some candidates are directories   #16

TODO Accents Issues in Table formula in French   #15

TODO New clocktable-feature: Structure clocktable bytags rather than by hierarchy   #14

TODO Problem with special characters in dired and attachment paths   #13

TODO agenda does not restrict to file   #11

TODO three bugs/misfeatures in org-reveal (or is org-reveal the wrong way to reveal around point   #10

TODO restriction lock ignored in indirect buffer   #9

Reported by Samuel Wales on <2013-07-21 So>

create an indirect buffer for a subtree
set restriction lock to that subtree
agenda m LEVEL>0

what i saw: the entire file
what i expected: the subtree



TODO Restruct `org-create-formula-image' function   #8

TODO Agenda Search and org-agenda-text-search-extra-files   #7

TODO Ido org-refile results in misfiling   #6

TODO Can org regenerate the cache automatically   #4

Reported by Samuel Wales on <2013-06-24 Mo>

  Cannot find Gmane link
When Org says this:

  "Please regenerate the refile cache with `C-0 C-c C-w'"

I wonder if it makes sense to:

 1) regenerate the cache automatically
    - probably usually the user still wants to refile
 2) for a massive increase in speed, ONLY regenerate it for
    whichever file is out of date



TODO how to refile without refiling in order to cache a restricted refile?   #3

TODO Exporting verbatim and code to html converts – to en dash   #1


Closed issues

CANCELED refile cache and auto-save files   #5

  • State "CANCELED" from "TODO" [2013-09-25 Mi 16:06]
    Another thread also covers this

RESOLVED [Feature Request] Make property-drawers exportable   #2

  • State "RESOLVED" from "STARTED" [2013-09-26 Do 14:17]
    Patch by Nicolas implemnts this
  • State "STARTED" from "TODO" [2013-09-25 Mi 14:31]
    Nicolas is working with me and Thorsten to fix this

RESOLVED Colored tags generate an error when C-x C-w ing the agenda   #24

  • State "RESOLVED" from "DELEGATED" [2013-09-27 Fr 09:24]
    This is a bug in ps-print, hopefully Sebastien will report it to Emacs
  • State "DELEGATED" from "TODO" [2013-09-25 Mi 09:58]
    Sebastien Vauban
  • Reported by Sebastien Vauban on <2013-09-11 Mi>
    If you have colors for tags:
    --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
     ;; faces for specific tags
     (setq org-tag-faces
           '(("home" .
              (:slant italic
               :foreground "#5C88D3" :background "#BBDDFF"))
             ("work" .
              (:slant italic
               :foreground "#5F7C43" :background "#C1D996"))))
    --8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
    you can't export the agenda views anymore; they all generate the following
    #+begin_src text
     Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument listp "#5C88D3")
       ps-face-attribute-list((:slant italic :foreground "#5C88D3" :background "#BBDDFF"))
       ps-plot-with-face(459 463 (:slant italic :foreground "#5C88D3" :background "#BBDDFF"))
       ps-generate-postscript-with-faces1(1 6850)
       ps-generate-postscript-with-faces(1 6850)
       ps-generate(#<buffer Agenda View> 1 6850 ps-generate-postscript-with-faces)
       ps-spool-with-faces(1 6850 nil)
       ps-print-with-faces(1 6850 "~/")
    Best regards,
    Sebastien Vauban

RESOLVED Org-protocol/org-capture and new emacsclient frames   #12

  • Reported by Josiah Schwab on <2013-08-21 Mi>
    Hi All,
    I am in the process of setting up org-protocol to allow me to capture
    links from chromium into my TODOs.
    After reading this worg article
    I have the chrome -> org portion working.
    When I click my bookmark, which is
    the org-protocol link is handled correctly, spawning the command
     /usr/bin/emacsclient -c -n "org-protocol://capture://W/"
    and that interacts with my capture template
     ("W" "Web TODO" entry (file org-default-notes-file) "* TODO %?\n%U\n%a\n")
    to open up a capture buffer that looks like what I want.
    All is good except for two undesired behaviors:
     1) I get a new emacs frame which is split, with the capture buffer
     only occupying one half.
     2) When I finish capture with C-c C-c the frame sticks around.
    I suppose this is more of an emacs question (org has done its thing),
    but a similar question has been discussed on this list before: 
    Because that discussion was not making use of org-protocol, I was not
    able to generalize its conclusions to my circumstance.
    Suggestions or pointers to other resources would be welcome.

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